What are Common Flight Attendant Interview Questions?

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For those who dream about being a flight attendant, it can first require going through an extensive interview process. Common flight attendant interview questions can include asking about background qualifications, personal characteristics and desire for the job. Having the proper answers to the anticipated questions can give the impression of being the perfect candidate for the position.

Unfortunately, not all passengers that flight attendants come in contact with are going to be pleasant and instead are going to be problematic. One of the flight attendant interview questions will likely pertain to how you would handle a rude or disorderly passenger. A proper answer will involve being kind, but firm, while trying to calm the person and solve the issue at hand. If it got to a certain point, informing a superior would be a must.

One of the flight attendant interview questions to expect is the interviewer asking why you want to be a flight attendant. Avoid giving only stereotypical answers about loving people, travel and flying. Include them, but also state the camaraderie among co-workers, having new experiences and, between the airline industry and the passengers, getting a chance to learn something new every day.


A flight attendant needs to be fast-paced, a team player, organized, committed to the job, outgoing and patient even on days when he or she is having a horrible day. If the interviewer asks what would make you a great flight attendant, these are some of the best characteristics to claim to have. Be prepared not only to list them, but to also give examples about a time when you demonstrated each one at a previous job.

Another one of the flight attendant interview questions that will likely be asked is whether you work better as an individual or as part of a team. This is a question that doesn't need one or another answer. Being a flight attendant is about working as a team but also working as an individual when necessary. An appropriate answer is that you are equally comfortable with either option according to what the situation calls for.

Being a flight attendant is not just about traveling the world. The main task is making sure the passengers are safe, comfortable and happy. It can be quite a stressful job that takes its toll and the interviewer wants to make sure the potential employee is up to the good and bad parts of the job. Before going through any of the flight attendant interview questions, make sure the position is for you and that there is enough desire that will show through during the interview process.


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