What are Common Desktop Support Interview Questions?

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Obtaining a job as a desktop support technician typically will require an interview with a hiring manager or a panel of recruiters with tough desktop support interview questions. There are some fairly predictable interview questions that will be asked, many of which would come up in interviews for any type of job, such as general or behavioral questions. For work in the desktop support field, a job candidate might also expect to answer skill-based and technical questions.

A job candidate should expect general desktop support interview questions such as “What is your interest in working as a desktop support professional for our company?” or “How did you become interested in working for this company?” This is to gauge the general interest of the candidate to determine whether he is interested in working long term for the company or just wanting a job in general. To prepare for questions like these, it’s advisable for a job candidate to do some research on the company before the interview and provide some specific examples of how his traits match the ideals of the company mission statement.


There will also usually be desktop support interview questions that deal specifically with the technical knowledge and skills needed for this role. Desktop support workers will need special technology skills to work in a call center environment and use software and hardware applications. Desktop support professionals can expect to hear questions such as “Tell me the experience you have with desktop support software and telephone systems?” or “What equipment are you most comfortable with?” The best course of action is for the job candidate to answer honestly and include the types of programs and systems with which he's familiar.

Lastly, many human resources professionals will ask desktop help desk interview questions that are of a behavioral nature. This is because so much of the work performed by desktop specialists is done over the telephone under stressful conditions. An interview can tell a lot about a candidate’s ability to handle this challenging work by asking interview questions such as “What do you do when a customer becomes angry?” and “How do you deal with difficult situations yet remain calm?” Candidates should give clear answers and not show signs of hesitation or stress while answering these desktop support interview questions.


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