What are Common CCNA Interview Questions?

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A Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is asked a variety of questions during an interview to assess his or her ability to perform the job. Most questions deal specifically with Cisco networks and the interviewee's understanding of that system. Other CCNA interview questions test a candidate's problem-solving ability within the Cisco system. Interview questions also revolve around an individual's working style and ability to be part of a team.

A CCNA job consists of working exclusively with a Cisco computer network. CCNA jobs are usually a step or two above entry level and have a large amount of responsibility associated with them. Most candidates have to prove prior experience with the system or with similar networks to get an interview. CCNA interview questions span the entire understanding of this profession.

The most common type of CCNA interview questions test a candidate's understanding of the Cisco network itself because that is the primary focus of the day-to-day responsibilities. Frequently asked questions during an interview include inquiring about methods used to track IPX traffic. Another popular series of questions involve decoding specific error messages and discovering what they mean. Other questions might involve methods to enable snap encapsulation and for what purpose this is done. Because Cisco networks are such complex systems, questions regarding the operation and repair could stem from any part of the process, and a firm understanding should be in place prior to interview.


Specific problem-solving situations are also common components of CCNA interview questions. Questions about how to overcome an uncommunicative router appear frequently during the interview. Another common question might involve various methods of error detection for preventative measures. These questions usually test two facets of the interviewer's knowledge to get a better grasp of technical skills and problem-solving abilities under pressure.

Once a candidate's knowledge base has been established, it is common for CCNA interview questions to delve into the interviewee's personality. These questions are aimed at discovering if an individual is a good fit for the dynamics of that particular work environment. Communications questions probing how an individual addresses work issues and problems with coworkers are a common practice, and interviewers will frequently require examples. Asking what type of management style has worked best in the past and what management must do to help a candidate succeed are also common methods for discovering more about an individual's work habits, communication style, and overall fit in a particular environment.


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