What are Common Causes of Tiredness and Weakness?

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Tiredness and weakness can be the first signs to indicate that a woman is pregnant. These symptoms are also linked to illnesses such as mononucleosis, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. Furthermore, depression and certain medications can also produce these effects.

For females of childbearing age, tiredness and weakness could be a result of pregnancy. These symptoms are often experienced before a female realizes she is pregnant. They may continue until after she has given birth, but generally, these symptoms are less prominent later in her term.

Influenza, most commonly referred to as flu, can also be a cause of tiredness and weakness. There are different types of this respiratory illness, which means that the accompanying symptoms can vary, but some common symptoms are fever, headache, and sore throat. The fatigue and lack of strength, however, may be noticeable first.

Mononucleosis, sometimes called glandular fever or kissing disease, is a contagious illness that can make a person tired and weak. This virus, which mostly affects teenagers, is spread through saliva, which means transmission is not limited solely to kissing but can include activities such as sharing a fork. Another prominent symptom of this condition is swollen lymph glands.


Diabetes is a metabolism disorder that develops when a person's body has difficulty regulating blood sugar. As a result, sufferers, especially those who have not been diagnosed, often feel tired and weak. After the diagnosis is made, some individuals with this condition are required to have insulin injections. Although it is treatable, there is no known cure for diabetes, meaning symptoms may still be experienced at times.

Hypothyroidism is a disease in which the body does not produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone. This deficiency affects energy levels because the lacking hormone helps regulate energy consumption. In addition to feeling tired, a person may also feel weak and experience chills.

Tiredness and weakness are not always symptoms of physical illness. These symptoms can be found in people who are suffering from depression. This psychological condition affects mood, energy levels, and motivation. People who suffer from depression often feel as though small tasks are demanding, which could be mistaken for tiredness.

There are many instances when these symptoms are not caused by a condition but rather by the treatment. Certain medications can make people feel drained and powerless. This is often indicated on the bottle or packaging, but if it is not, it will likely be disclosed on the medication's information sheet.


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Post 3

Weakness and fatigue should be the nicknames for diabetes! I have type two diabetes and I can barely do my house chores! I used to be so energetic and active before. Does anyone else here have diabetes? How do you cope with these symptoms?

I used to think that the weakness was just due to my blood sugar fluctuations during the day. But I found that tiredness and weakness are also side effects of my diabetes medication! So not only does diabetes cause fatigue, but the treatment does too! Great!

Post 2

@fify-- Recovery from mono can take a long time. I think everyone is a little bit different. It took about a year for me to feel one hundred percent better again after mono. I don't mean to scare you, but I've heard about people who still had fatigue and weakness symptoms many years later.

Just rest as much as you can and eat well so that you can strengthen your immune system.

Post 1

I was diagnosed with mono six months ago. I had to be hospitalized for a few days because the doctors couldn't bring my fever down. I took pain relievers and took a break from school to rest afterward.

I haven't had any major complications from mono, but after six months, I still have fatigue and weakness. When will these symptoms go away?

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