What are Common Causes of Tingling Back Pain?

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A tingling sensation or pins and needles in the back can be a symptom of several health problems. Commonly, either nerve issues, the common cold, or a panic attack is at fault. A more serious condition that may cause tingling back pain is diabetes. Many common causes of tingling pain in the back are easily cured or treatable, but seeing a health professional is advisable when enduring any type of new pain.

Minor nerve problems are brought about by vitamin deficiencies, infections, or alcoholism. They can also be caused by chemotherapy, metal toxins, and more. Other symptoms may be present, such as problems with the digestive system or depression, but this depends on the cause. Nerve issues usually take months to develop, and other parts of the body, like the buttocks, legs, and hands, are normally affected along with the back.

The common cold frequently causes minor body aches and can be the cause of tingling back pain. This burning sensation is rarely severe, nor does it linger for very long. The symptoms of the common cold should not be confused with influenza symptoms, however. These infectious respiratory illnesses are easily confused, but the flu usually has more intense symptoms, and a doctor can carry out a test to tell the difference.


Panic attacks differ from person to person, but tingling is a very common symptom. Many people who have suffered a panic attack report tingling in their head and neck. Tingling elsewhere in the body is also common, however. Other symptoms of a panic attack are hyperventilation, lightheadedness, and numbness. These symptoms are almost always accompanied by a sense of extreme panic or a feeling that something bad is going to happen

Metabolic disorders like diabetes can also cause tingling back pain. Most commonly, the feet and hands are affected, but other parts of the body are not entirely exempt. The exact cause is a damaged nervous system due to high blood sugar levels. Many people unknowingly have diabetes and may dismiss minor symptoms. Some people, such as pregnant women, may have very few to no symptoms at all to alert them of their disorder.

Treating tingling back pain depends heavily on the original cause. In some circumstances, the pain will go away naturally once the cause subsides, which is typically the case with common colds. Other causes can usually be corrected, such a vitamin deficiency or metal toxin. In all cases, a health professional can best diagnose the problem and then determine the treatment for tingling back pain.


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Can being overweight or smoking lead to back pain with tingling?

Post 2

@burcidi-- I'm not a doctor, but as far as I know, pain accompanied by pins and needles means that nerves are under pressure. Your hernia must be putting pressure on the nerves in the area giving you these symptoms.

You should see your doctor about it. You might need to take some muscle relaxers and pain relievers.

Herniated discs are problematic. The muscles there can tighten from time to time causing lower back pain suddenly. You might also be doing something wrong like bending down, carrying heavy stuff or sitting incorrectly.

Post 1

I know I have a herniated disc in my back. My back had been doing just fine for a while but recently, it has started to hurt again. This time, I'm also experiencing pins and needles.

It's a very annoying feeling. It feels as though someone is sticking needles into my back. It causes more itching than pain, an I feel like scratching my back all of the sudden.

What's going on? Why did I start getting pins and needles all of the sudden?

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