What are Common Causes of Stomach and Back Pain?

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Stomach and back pain may be caused by a number of different illnesses and diseases, including viral or bacterial infection and sepsis. Liver disorders may also cause pain in these parts of the body. Intestinal bleeding is known to cause intense stomach and back pain. Individuals suffering from kidney stones may experience stomach pain along with a searing pain in the lower back. Gallstones are another cause.

Injuries to the back may cause pain that is generalized in the upper or lower back area. Many times, the pain is felt in the abdominal region as well. This may include a strain or sprain from exertion or from pulling a muscle. When this occurs, heat compresses or pain-relieving ointment may help, as can resting the affected area for several days.

There are nerve endings that connect the stomach and back, so when there is pain in one area, it may be felt in the other. In some cases, appendicitis may cause stomach and back pain. This is especially true in the case of a ruptured appendix. Most commonly, however, appendicitis causes fever and extreme sharp pain in the lower right side of the abdomen.


Individuals with chronic gallbladder issues may suffer from intermittent pain in the stomach and back. Often, these are common symptoms of an impending attack. When the gallbladder becomes infected, abdominal pain can be accompanied by a burning sensation in the lower back, and often, nausea and vomiting are also present. Gallstones may be present for a long period of time with no apparent symptoms, but in many cases, an acute attack will cause severe pain.

Although it is not the most common symptom, stomach and back pain could indicate a heart attack. In some cases, the symptoms may be isolated or not localized. Heart attack victims may feel sharp, stabbing pain in the abdomen that radiates to the back. This pain should not be ignored if accompanied by shortness of breath and profuse sweating.

In some cases, emotional stress, anxiety and depression may cause pain in the back and stomach, either simultaneously or separately. Along with the pain, indigestion, diarrhea, or nausea may also be present. Nervous tension that causes pain and discomfort may be controlled with anti-anxiety medications or relaxation techniques.

A condition known as acid reflux disease may also cause simultaneous stomach and back pain. This is often due to excessive acid production that may cause discomfort or burning sensation in the stomach lining and chest. Nausea often occurs as well. Simple heartburn due to consuming spicy or fried foods can occasionally be related to back pain in some individuals.


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