What Are Common Causes of Semen in Urine?

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The most common causes of semen in urine are an enlarged prostate, retrograde ejaculation, or if semen is left over in the urethra from previous intercourse or masturbation. Generally, a man won’t notice if there is only a small amount of semen in the urine. Many men don’t discover that it is occurring until a doctor detects it during a physical exam. If semen is physically noticeable during urination, it will probably appear as a slight oozing directly before or after a man urinates.

Perhaps the most common cause of semen in urine is when a man urinates shortly after ejaculation. There may be a trace amount of seminal fluid left inside or directly on the tip of the penis which mixes with urine as it exits. This is usually a very small amount and most men don’t notice when this occurs.

Another possible cause of semen in urine is a swollen prostate. Since seminal fluids are created inside of the prostate gland, it is possible that some of it will leak or seep out at the time of urination. Other symptoms may also occur in men who have a swollen prostate, including urinary urgency and the inability to urinate entirely. Anyone who has these symptoms should consult a physician for a physical evaluation.


Retrograde ejaculation is another potential cause of semen in the urine. This is when, instead of exiting the penis during ejaculation, semen travel backward into the urinary tract. Then, during urination, the semen is released along with the urine. Many men with this condition undergo corrective procedures to make having a child easier, but in some cases it is not reversible. Artificial insemination may be an option for men who want to become fathers.

In a lot of cases, it is not determined that there is semen in urine until an examination is performed by a physician. Other times, it may be noticeable to the male it’s happening to. Semen leakage may occur directly before or directly after urination. Sometimes there will be semen noticeably floating in the urine afterward. Most of the time this is not cause for concern, but if other symptoms are present, a doctor should be consulted.

It is a good idea for men to ensure that any leakage coming from their penises is actually semen. Some sexually transmitted diseases may cause unusual penile discharge which may look similar. In some cases, other symptoms will also occur.


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Post 6

Another thing that can cause semen to come out without an orgasm is meth use. Methamphetamines dehydrate you and slow down your systems like defecating to around 1x per 3 days when normal was at least 1x a day. This happens mostly when not enough liquids are put back into your system. it was also cause constipation and that in turn can press against the prostate when trying to go which can cause semen to expel. Meth use wreaks havoc on a body in so many ways and can lead from one thing to another. If this is a possibility then stop meth use. If it gets better within 3 days you know that is what was causing it. If it does not get better then you have more underlying problems. Seek a doctor.

Post 5

Does seeing semen in urine cause any damage to a person's health?

Post 4

I have been getting prostate fluid, seminal vesicle fluid and urethral fluid in urine always for the past 3 years. Also, I am getting it when passing stools. Please suggest a solution. I am getting weak and having knee pain.

Post 3

Is there any solution for semen after urination?

Post 2

@Fa5t3r - Yeah, I imagine if the problem is linked to the prostate, you'd probably notice the other symptoms long before you noticed any semen coming out at the wrong time.

The scene in The Green Mile where Tom Hank's character is trying to pee and he's in incredible pain and barely able to shift it? That's from a swollen prostate. I think even the most stubborn man will eventually go and see a doctor if it gets to that point. And most of the time it'll probably be more a curiosity than anything if there happens to be semen in their urine.

Post 1

I didn't even realize that this was possible (although of course it must be, given where everything is connected), and it must be an easy thing to miss, unless a doctor catches it for you.

Personally, I think men should just go and get a checkup at the doctor every couple of years and just think of it as the same as taking a car in to get everything looked at.

I've had members of my family pass away too young because they've ignored a problem for longer than they should have and it upsets me to think about it. Men tend to do it more often as well, which is one of the reasons men generally have a shorter lifespan that women.

And honestly, if you've got an enlarged prostate, it really hurts, so trying to tough it out is a dumb idea.

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