What are Common Causes of Night Sweats in Men?

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Night sweats in men can be attributed to multiple factors, such as tuberculosis, cancer, and medicinal side effects. Other factors that may also contribute include alcohol consumption, anxiety, and natural temperature fluctuations in the body. A condition called andropause also may account for night sweats. Andropause, which is a reduction of testosterone levels in the body due to age, is known as male menopause. As the condition can be an indicator of many different things, frequent night sweats should always be mentioned to one's doctor.

Unique to males, andropause is one of the chief reasons for night sweats in men. It is marked by a drop in testosterone levels, similar to the decrease in estrogen levels women experience during menopause. When women experience menopause, reductions in estrogen levels can often be drastic and jarring. With andropause, on the other hand, the drop in testosterone levels can be much more gradual, yet no less upsetting from an emotional, psychological, physical, and sexual standpoint. Among many other symptoms, andropause can result in menopause-like symptoms, such as night sweats and hot flashes.


Various ailments have been known to cause night sweats in both men and women, particularly bacterial and viral infections. Tuberculosis, in particular, is a well-known factor in male night sweats. With ailments such as tuberculosis, the immune system may be suppressed; couple that with fevers that drive temperatures past normal levels, and night sweats may occur. Long-term illnesses, such as cancer and AIDS, have also been known to cause night sweats.

Anxiety can affect body temperature at night as well, causing night sweats in both genders. People with high levels of stress may wake up in the middle of the night experiencing feelings of intense anxiety. Such episodes are called panic attacks, and are often accompanied with night sweats, fear, and shortness of breath.

Substances and medications can also cause night sweats in men. Excessive alcohol consumption, for example, causes some individuals to experience night sweats. Conversely, people trying to curtail excessive alcohol consumption also may experience night sweats, a common withdrawal symptom. Certain medications have also been known to produce night sweats as a side effect.

Hypoglycemia, a condition marked by low blood sugar, is also a classic cause of night sweats. Moreover, medications associated with the treatment of hypoglycemia may cause night sweats in men. Other chemical or hormonal imbalances in the body can also cause sweating at night.


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Post 2

For the last two nights, I have woken up more drenched in sweat than I ever have been at work or anything. It seems to come in an instant and go just as quickly. It wakes up my girlfriend and she wakes me. I feel fine, other than being super sweaty, and I'm not even hot, and have no shortness of breath or a rapid heartbeat.

I would like to note I just started a new job where I have to get up very early and work very long, hard days in the heat, and due to my nocturnal schedule, I haven't been getting nearly as much sleep. The first couple days, I got about one or two hours of

sleep, and the sweat happened the nights after I worked all day on one or two hours of sleep. I don't have a clue what's causing it and I really hope it stops. I suspect stress from my abuse of my body, but I did just get a new comforter.
Post 1

My sporadic night sweats are not linked to any of the above visible causes. Can I suspect cancer? I have talked with my doctor several times and she has conducted several tests and told me nothing is wrong. But I continue sweating every night suddenly for just about a minute. What can the problem be?

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