What are Color Contacts?

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Color contact lenses are used to enrich or change the natural color of the eyes for movies, television, or for sheer fun. They can also be corrective lenses, but a corrective prescription is not necessary to wear color contacts.

The iris is the portion of the eye that contains pigment. Color contacts are clear in the center to reveal the pupil, while the outer ring that rides on the iris is tinted, or in some lenses, hand painted. Hand painted lenses include subtle detail and varied colors that recreate depth in the iris, giving the eyes a natural appearance.

Although very dark eyes appear to be one solid color, anyone with lighter brown, hazel, green or blue eyes actually have various colors and patterns in the iris. Some have a starburst pattern; others have tiny rays of yellow, gold or black within the blue, green or gray background. These subtle patterns and varied colors are what give eyes a feeling of depth.

The real difference in quality between color contacts is in how natural they look. The more natural looking, the more expensive they will be compared to solid-tinted lenses. Making single-color contacts is a less expensive process than making intricate patterns of varied colors. Less expensive lenses, although providing striking color, can look unnatural. Prices therefore vary widely, depending on the lenses chosen.


Color contacts will require an eye exam even if the lenses will not be corrective. An optometrist will need to make sure the lenses fit properly and center themselves after blinking. A lens that fits too tight will dry the eye out and become uncomfortable, while a lens that is not tight enough will wander off the iris.

Special color contacts made for sheer fun range from cat's eyes with an elliptical pupil, to no pupils showing at all, as with American flag contact lenses or butterfly lenses. Light easily penetrates lens material so designs that cover the pupil do not impair vision.

High quality color contacts can create a striking difference in how one looks. If you've always wanted sea green eyes, pale blue or amber gold, color contacts will allow you to change the color of your eyes as easily as your clothes.


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Post 4

i have one question. What is the colored material in color contact lenses? Can you answer? It's not the lens material, it's the color. Please answer me.

Post 3

@stormyknight: Yes, in fact, I also am a huge fan of the movie and decided to find color contacts that match Edward’s eyes. Some places actually offer the same color contacts as the characters and will have them labeled as such. This makes for a great way to get into character and great gifts. The color will amaze you at how much they resemble the characters eyes.

Post 2

My sister is a huge Twilight fan and she is in love with all of the vampire’s eye colors. Is there any way to purchase those color contacts such as the characters wear? Are there specific colors like that made?

Post 1

Not all color contacts are prescriptions. Some color contacts are just for fun. For example, many people enjoy wearing festive color contacts for holidays, costume purposes, etc. With or without prescription contacts, color contacts can be a blast. Dark blue and light brown are very common colors for contacts.

Many African American women prefer to wear the light brown because it enhances their eyes. Also, many people purchase the “cat eye” color contacts which gives them cat eyes. Many companies will offer free color contacts for you to try before you buy.

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