What are Closet Drawers?

Sheri Cyprus

Closet drawers are sliding storage units located inside all types of closets. They may be individually purchased or bought and installed as part of a closet storage system. Closet drawers are typically used for clothing and fashion accessories, but they may also hold children's toys or kitchen pantry items.

Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.
Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.

Kitchen pantry drawers may hold food products as well as cookware or utensils. They can be a better use of space than open shelving allows by storing more items in a way that's still easily accessible. All types of closet drawers became popular for sale after some people began placing dressers into their closets to store clothing. Today, closet drawer systems are sold in many different heights, sizes and materials.

Installing drawers in a closet may help promote better organization.
Installing drawers in a closet may help promote better organization.

Wire mesh closet drawers allow some open space as well as partial visibility of the contents. Clear plastic drawers for closets may offer more visibility, but completely airtight storage. For food that could become infested with bugs, the second would be preferable, while storage of foods such as potatoes and onions may do better in an open wire design. A closet design may also feature wood drawers; these can look especially stylish, much like modern kitchen cabinet styles.

Modern closet drawer systems in fine wood usually coordinate with shelving in the same material and are often used in bedrooms to match bedroom furniture woods. Closet drawers work especially well in large walk-in closets where there is ample space to open them fully. Wood finishes for the shelves and drawers range from light to dark.

The least expensive closet drawer option is plastic units. These units are chests of drawers that may be set on a closet shelf or stand on the floor. Many plastic drawer units for closets have wheels on the bottom so they can be conveniently moved to reach items stored behind the unit.

Drawer closet kits for children's rooms are especially popular as they can help organize toys and clothes while providing a child easy access to his or her belongings. Kids' closet drawers are available at child height in a range of bright colors and fun styles. Some of these drawer systems are more like bins and have open handles that are easy for small hands to grip. Openings on some drawers or bins in which you can insert cards that feature a picture of the contents can help even small children learn closet organization skills.

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