What are Circulation Massagers?

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Poor blood circulation can be a common a condition, for which several types of therapeutic massagers can be an effective treatment. Circulation massagers are designed for the hands, feet, and legs. These help relieve muscle and joint pain by increasing circulation and blood flow to the areas with poor circulation. Physical therapists generally have many types of circulation massagers, including ultrasound, ultrasonic, infrared, and standard hand-held massager units. Each type of massager is designed for specific muscle application and can provide temporary relief to muscle pulls and tears.

A small, hand-held circulation massager is great device for personal massage therapy. It is small enough to store in a gym bag and is convenient for the business traveler who has poor circulation. The massager unit is typically used on the hands, legs, and feet and helps the body recover from a stressful day on the road.

Car seat massagers work well for people who frequently travel long distances in the car. This type of circulation massager helps provide relief of tension in the back and legs. A car massager includes both battery and external power chargers, which allows the unit to be charged with the power supply from the vehicle.


People with poor circulation often use circulation massagers to help increase blood flow to their hands and feet. This is an important therapeutic technique that can reduce the long-term effects of poor circulation problems. Chronic conditions may also require special medications that can help the body circulate additional blood to the extremities.

Ultrasonic massagers are a form of circulation massagers that provide a deep massage for joints and muscles. This type of massage unit sends ultrasonic sound waves deep into the cell tissues, which help to relieve joint pain. An ultrasonic unit is typically more expensive than a standard hand massager, but provides longer lasting effects.

Some circulation massagers also have ultrasound features. This is another form of deep muscle massage unit that sends radio waves into the muscle tissue. Ultrasound massagers provide deep, penetrating heat into the muscle fibers, which can relive muscle pain for several hours after therapy.

Infrared massagers are another type of heat circulation massager. This massager sends infrared waves through the metal head device deep into the skin. An infrared massager may improve circulation, help the immune system and relieve stress. These massagers are available in large enclosure units or small, portable, hand-held devices.


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