What are Christian Aerobics?

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Christian aerobics are a form of aerobic exercise that emphasizes a connection with Christianity. The exercises may have steps that are related in some way to the Christian faith, or the exercise may be done in a Christian facility. Most sects of Christianity do not find aerobic exercise to be in opposition to doctrines, but some members of Christian faiths feel that their exercise needs are better served by a targeted Christian aerobics program. The health benefits from the program are presumably the same as those from any other comparable aerobic exercise routine, but the theme of the workout may help some participants to enjoy and stick with the program.

Many people do aerobics to music, and this is one of the main ways in which Christian aerobics differ from other aerobics programs. Aerobics music is usually high energy with a fast tempo, which are not characteristics of traditional Christian music. Pop Christian music, as well as music with Christian themes written specifically for exercise, are often used as the soundtrack to a Christian aerobics workout.


Doing aerobics usually involves a number of rhythmic steps that become easier for participants as they become familiar with the routine. Christian themed aerobics usually has its own specialized steps that may relate to the Christian faith symbolically or in mimicry of a common gesture of the faith. For instance, raising the hands up and waving them rhythmically, as many people do in church, is a Christian aerobics move that imitates a common image of the faith. These motions may not immediately convey the meaning intended by their designer, and so they are often given names that directly demonstrate their meaning.

Aerobics videos and classes often involve a lot of encouragement and talk from the instructor. A Christian aerobics instructor may give participants encouragement and outcries that relate to the Christian faith while performing the motions. These leadership strategies often keep participants motivated and on the workout track, which is important for reaping all the physical benefits possible from the exercise.

This kind of aerobics program may include some or all of these components, but if it takes place at a Christian exercise facility, then it may conceivably include none of them. In these cases, the people who are in the class are generally all Christians, and their faith brings them to the exercise. No further signifiers of Christianity are required for the exercise to be called Christian aerobics. Even so, in most cases, when a person talks about Christian aerobics, they mean an aerobics program with at least some of the aforementioned qualities.


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