What Are Chocolate Crackles?

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Chocolate crackles are an Australian snack food that is made from puffed rice cereal, powdered sugar, dried coconut, vegetable fat shortening and cocoa powder. A lot of time or preparation is not needed to make the dessert, which makes the treat a popular dish among Australians for children’s gatherings, such as birthday parties and school functions. It also is inexpensive to make.

The recipe for chocolate crackles was first featured in the Australian Women’s Weekly in December 1937. Boxes of some puffed rice cereal might include a recipe. In Australia, the familiar recipe usually calls for certain brands of cereal and shortening, but other brands can be used.

Some recipes call for coconut oil instead of vegetable fat shortening, or a cook can make the substitution if shortening is not available. Chocolate chips can be used to make chocolate crackles if both the shortening and cocoa powder are left out, but this variation will have a slightly different taste. Another ingredient, powdered sugar, might be known as icing sugar or confectioner's sugar in some regions.

The preparation of chocolate crackles is fast and easy. The cereal, sugar, cocoa and coconut are mixed in a large bowl. The shortening, which is packaged like a block of butter, is melted over low heat on the stove. After it is completely melted, it should be allowed to cool for a few minutes before the other ingredients are stirred into it.


The ingredients must be well coated with the coconut oil, so they should be mixed thoroughly. Spoonfuls of the mixture are then placed into separate cupcake liners. The chocolate crackles are then refrigerated until they harden. A typical recipe makes 24 servings.

Special variations of chocolate crackles can be found online. Among them is a recipe for white Christmas crackles that eliminates the use of the vegetable fat shortening and cocoa powder. Some recipes include ingredients such as raisins, figs, cranberries or even nuts. Low-fat versions also are available.


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