What are Chef Pants?

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Chef pants are simple and practical garments designed for use by culinary professionals. Available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles, the pants are often considered essential restaurant uniforms for all kitchen staff in upscale restaurants. However, owing to the inexpensive price and practical nature of the garment, it is not unusual for chef pants to also be employed by cooks and kitchen help in more casual dining establishments.

In design, chef pants are very similar to the scrubs worn by nurses and doctors working in hospitals. Most designs call for the inclusion of two front pockets, with some manufacturers also including a single back pocket. It is not unusual for the pant design to include the use of an elastic waistline augmented with a drawstring, allowing the individual wearing the pants to adjust the fit.

The material used in chef pants is often a polyester and cotton blend, although some manufacturers prefer to go with polyester as the fabric of choice. Soft twill weaves are another common option with the pants. The material is usually lightweight, a quality that can make the pants much more comfortable to wear in a hot kitchen setting. Often the pants are treated to help make them somewhat stain resistant, making it easier to simply launder the pants and maintain a clean and tailored appearance.


Two basic styles are common with chef pants. One style is the traditional tapered design that conforms to the body without providing a tight fit. This style allows the chef to move about freely. A second approach is known as the baggy style, an alternative that provides the most comfort and is often favored in more casual establishments.

It is not unusual for larger kitchens to utilize different colors of chef pants as a means of designating the individual’s position within the staff. A head chef may wear black pants with a thin white stripe, while the pastry chef and other specialty chefs may wear white cook pants with a black stripe. Kitchen staff pants for various assistants may include other solid colors, making it simple to tell with one glance what duties the individual employee is assigned to on that particular work day.

While not designed for street wear, chef pants are very comfortable. This has led to some people purchasing the pants for wear around the home. In general, it is possible to purchase pants in any color desired for an extremely low price. The pants can be bought at many restaurant supply stores as well as ordered directly from manufactures with online stores.


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