What are Chakra Sounds?

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Chakra sounds are a series of tones typically chanted or otherwise vocalized in order to open the chakras. Each sound is based on a Sanskrit letter and is associated with a specific color, tone, vowel sound and chakra location, among other elements. The overall vibration of the sound and variations of intensity and pitch are believed by practitioners of traditional Indian medicine to have a healing effect. There are many different systems of chakras and practices, many of which also incorporate sound and movement.

Usually, chakra sounds are combined with hand signals and meditation. It is these activities together that are believed to fully open the chakras. The sounds can be practiced in a group or alone.

When chakra sounds are vocalized, they are usually released one sound at a time. Then there is a pause for one deep breath between each sound. Corresponding hand movements can accompany each sound. Whatever the system being used, a session usually involves vocalizing the sound for each chakra in a specific order.

A typical position for practicing chakra sounds, and the movements and breathing associated with them, is seated with legs crossed in the lotus position on a mat or rug. According to tradition, it is preferable that the individual is seated on an item made of organic material. An oil lamp or candle is also often burning in the room.


There are many different systems of chakras, the most widespread of which is the Western system, which has seven chakras including the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart. The throat, third eye and crown are also involved. The musical notes associated with the chakra sounds go from A to G. There is also a color assigned to each of these chakras, which range from red to violet. In addition to these designations, there are also specific vowel sounds and mantras, among other elements associated with these energy points.

Chakra means turning or wheel in Sanskrit. The concept of chakras, according to the traditional form of Indian medicine, is that they are spirals of energy which come from different points on the body. It is believed that by focusing on these points, the energy emanating from them can be used to increase well-being. Chakras are usually visually represented with shapes that resemble spirals or flowers.


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