What are Chair Pillows?

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Chair pillows, also known as chair cushions, are used to add a splash of color or flare to your chairs. They can also make an otherwise hard chair more comfortable. A pillow can attach to your chair in a variety of different ways, depending upon the cushion and the backing on the chair.

Most chair pads are filled with hypo-allergenic polyester fibers. This material is washable and retains its shape, even with regular use. The more expensive chair chair pillows are manufactured using urethane foam. This material conforms to the shape of the person sitting on it.

Cushions that are attached by screws must be custom-ordered. Custom chair cushions are manufactured to fit the exact dimensions of your chair. When placing an order for chair pillows, you must provide the manufacturer with the length, width and height of the original set. It is recommended to remove the old chair pad and bring it in for reference purposes.

Many chair pillows, especially those on rocking chairs and gliders, attach with strings. These are very easy to replace, as you just have to untie them and replace with the new ones. The downfall to these types of chair cushions is that the strings tear easily when the chair is used regularly. The upside, though, is that the chair cushions are relatively inexpensive.


Non-slip chair pillows are sometimes found on kitchen chairs. These cushions have slip-resistant latex bottoms that grip the chair. This prevents the cushion from slipping off the chair when a person sits on it. The best feature of this style chair pad is that it can be lifted up, allowing you to easily clean the chair.

Chair pillows come in a variety of materials, to include woven cotton, braided wool and microfiber. Woven cotton is the most popular, as it is the least expensive. It can be wiped down easily and is machine washable, on the gentle cycle. Braided wool is expensive, but each cushion is uniquely designed, with natural variations within the set. Microfiber is popular among families with children, as spills are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, keeping the cushions looking new longer.

Many chair cushions are treated with Spill-Guard®. This solution is completely water and oil resistant. Spills bead up on the fabric, without absorbing in to the pad. They can then be wiped off with a dry cloth, leaving no trace of the spill. Spill-Guard® will extend the life of your chair cushions.


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