What Are Cellulite Rollers?

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Cellulite rollers are massaging devices that are designed to diminish the appearance of cellulite beneath the skin. Some units are professional grade, and require the administration of scheduled treatments in a salon environment. Smaller, hand held versions are available for purchase through Internet ordering, and may be used at home on problem areas.

Cellulite is the name given to the dimpled appearance of the skin around the upper thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen. It is caused by small pockets of fat pushing against the underlying connective tissues of the skin, which are laid out in patterns specific to each human being. The condition is more common in women than in men, though men can experience it. Factors that determine the amount and intensity of the appearance of cellulite on certain individuals include age, race, weight, and genetic predisposition. When cellulite begins to form, it is not an indicator of being overweight, and many people at a healthy weight can develop this condition.

There are many designs of cellulite rollers that each attempt to achieve the same goal of reducing the appearance of cellulite through massage. Some products are only available at professional beauty salons, while others may be purchased through Internet ordering and used at home. These types of devices are often sold with companion lotions and gels that are recommended for use with each treatment to intensify and prolong the effects of the rollers.


Salon quality cellulite rollers are designed to target the connective tissues that lay beneath the surface of the skin. These massage devices are extremely large and should only be operated by a professional. Clients typically recline while a suction device with internal rolling balls is applied to affected areas. Skin is pulled into the suction mouth, and the underlying fat is redistributed. These machines typically feature programmable patterns that allow the massage to be programmed to target the specific body shape and depth of cellulite for the individual customer.

Home use cellulite rollers are generally sized to fit in the palm of the hand and may or may not be battery operated. These rollers can be used anytime, anywhere and depend on the strength and flexibility of the user to reach all areas of cellulite. A long handle is typically attached to spinning balls made of plastic that often feature small nodules across the face of the massaging units. These nodules are designed to relax connective tissues and redistribute cellulite into a smooth layer that does not dimple. The rolling massage attachments may be any shape that contours to the body, whether held together in one straight line, or designed around separate axis in a "Y" formation that can cover a larger surface area.


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I suppose, if you're desperate enough, you'll try anything. The explanation behind them sounds good, but before I have the cellulite roller massage at a spa, I'm making sure I'm going to see some kind of benefit from it.

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I've seen these and I think they're a rip-off. Any improvements you get are going to be temporary. If people want to spend their money like that, I can't stop them, but I sure would hate to spend my money on something like that and find out it doesn't help me at all.

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