What are Cedar Homes?

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Cedar homes are living spaces built primarily from cedar lumber, which is a type of wood that is naturally resistant to water damage, warping, bug infestation, molding and mildew infestations. Cedar homes are sometimes built from home building kits that can be prefabricated and shipped to a specific location. Log cabin style houses are a common design used for cedar homes, and much of the cedar lumber is left untreated and unpainted to show off the wood's natural beauty. Such homes often exude a rustic look and feel, though more modern designs are available; very often prefabricated homes made from cedar can be built to the owner's specifications.

As a building material, cedar is a lighter wood than many hard woods used for construction. It does not absorb a significant amount of moisture, however, making it a very good choice of wood for structural purposes. Cedar will be less susceptible to rot and decay, and it will resist other structural damages such as mildew and mold, as well as bug and rat infestations. It is therefore a good choice of material for cedar homes as structural material that will come in contact with ground moisture, siding and shingling that will be regularly exposed to the elements, and decorative wood for features such as floors, walls, cabinets, and so on.


Cedar homes are often considered energy efficient as well. Cedar is a low-density wood, which means it has high insulating properties. This translates into lower heating costs and a cooler interior during summer months. The natural insulating properties of cedar will also mean less wasted energy, which is both good for the wallet and good for the environment. It is also a good material for noise reduction, meaning noise from one room in the house will be buffered naturally and prevented from reaching another room in the house. It may also buffer street noise or noise from surrounding neighbors or businesses.

Cedar is a renewable resource, and many companies who build cedar homes make it a point to build their homes using eco-friendly practices and materials. Non-renewable resources are avoided as much as possible, and since cedar can be used for many purposes otherwise covered by plastics, the amount of harmful materials used to make the home can be greatly reduced. Some homebuilders even use special manufacturing processes that eliminate waste wood and other waste materials, further enhancing the eco-friendliness of cedar as a material choice.


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