What are Carpet Slippers?

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Sometimes referred to as house shoes, carpet slippers are an example of footwear that is made for indoor use only. With a soft sole and pliable texture for the remainder of the pair of shoes, they are to protect the feel from being cold, while avoiding the tighter enclosed feeling that results from wearing a regular pair of shoes.

Just about every version of carpet slippers will keep one central function in mind. They are meant to be comfortable. The ideal slipper will not include laces or adhesive hooks that must be fastened and unfastened in order to make use of the slippers. Instead, the slippers are just what the name implies; they are a form of slip on shoes that are meant to be worn inside, where there is comfortable carpet underfoot.

Along with being very comfortable and easy to place on the feet, these slippers are often available in all sorts of designs and materials. Typically, carpet slippers are meant to be a low fit, but that does not mean they cannot sport a number of looks. Simple leather ones with a minimum of inside padding are popular with many men. There are also corduroy style slippers for both men and women that are great for cold climates. There are also a number of fun designs, from cartoon-themed slippers to the comical but very popular fuzzy carpet slippers. Basically, there are slippers that will fit just about any budget, temperament, or sense of style.


Finding the right pair can be a wonderful odyssey. Budget priced styles can be found at any major discount retail store. While limited in design, most of these low priced slippers work very well for basic wear around the house. Boutiques often provide a line of more upscale shoes, usually constructed with materials that are both comfortable and pleasing to the eye. With boutiques for men and women, the choices in design will be more tasteful and unique than in stores that carry mass-produced carpet slippers. A third option is to look for shoemakers who design and construct customized slippers. While having them created in a unique design and fit can be very expensive, the end result is a pair of slippers that mold to the foot perfectly and are likely to last many more years than cheaper models.


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Post 5

I wear leather slippers and my partner wears soft sheepskin slippers. Wearing shoes in our house is not done, so a good pair of slippers is essential. We keep our in a unit by the front door. our shoes come off and go into a vintage ottoman, then we put our slippers on. We plan to have a basket of slippers for guests to wear,

Post 4

Some slippers do not slide easily over carpet, they sort of 'stick' to the carpet. Can you tell me which kind of sole to look for? Thanks.

Post 3

Hello -- I am looking for a pair of slippers for my wife for her birthday, and I was wondering if you could give me any advice.

I am not really into the women's slipper world (as shocking as that might be), but I do hear one kind keep coming up -- Acorn. Now, I'm pretty sure that's a brand and not a design, but I would just like to learn more about it in general.

Can anyone tell me more about Acorn women's slippers, or if Acorn slippers in general are any good?

I would really appreciate any advice -- buying clothes of any kind for a woman is never easy, and slippers are not the exception!

Post 2

Do you know, the whole carpet slippers thing has come a long way since the whole stereotypical mens slippers in sheepskin being the only ones that you could find.

I'm not even talking about character slippers or anything like that either -- you can even see the change sheerly in terms of design.

Whereas carpet slippers used to be just normal, rather flimsy and often synthetic things that you wore only inside the house, now you've got travel slippers and outdoor slippers, even washable slippers.

I work at home, so I have a lot of time to think about the whole slippers thing, and it really is interesting to see the shift.

I mean, people used to only wear them for relaxing inside the house, but now you can see slipper like shoes everywhere, even on the street.

Is it a sign of changing priorities, or just a fashion statement? Who knows. What do you think?

Post 1

I think that carpet slippers often get a bad rap for being supposedly old-fashioned, but with so many fun slippers on the market these days, that really is a misconception.

I mean, just look at all the different character slippers you can get -- they've got everything from Smurf slippers to Spongebob Squarepants to literally every Disney character ever.

And of course, not all slippers are crazy furry slippers either -- you can get some really nice, classy looking carpet slippers as well.

So I say, forget the stereotypes about carpet slippers being only for old men. They're comfortable, and can be a lot of fun, especially if you find a good pair made to look like the character of your favorite cartoon!

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