What are Candle Lamps?

B. Miller

Candle lamps are a popular type of lamp to decorate with. They provide the soft light of a candle in a more mature and safe look. Candle lamps can make an attractive addition to any room.

Citronella candle lamps are often used to repel insects.
Citronella candle lamps are often used to repel insects.

Candle lamps are similar in appearance to a traditional lamp, though they are usually a bit smaller. The lamps have a base and a lampshade that is usually made of glass, aluminum, bronze or another type of heat-resistant metal. Instead of a light bulb, a candle will be placed on a small tray underneath the lampshade. The candle can generally be lit by reaching through the top of the lampshade.

Candle lamps should be kept out of reach of children.
Candle lamps should be kept out of reach of children.

Candle lamps are available in other designs as well -- they do not always look like a traditional lamp. A candle lamp might be a simple square glass box with an open top, or it might be shaped with a fluted top like an oil lamp. Candle lamps are available in virtually any style and color to match your decor, and they can look very modern or very traditional depending on the design.

Using candles and candle lamps to decorate is a very economical solution. Other types of lighting are much more expensive than candles, and are less atmospheric. Candles can provide a warm, cozy or romantic environment. Candle lamps are also helpful to have around should the power go out.

You might place a candle lamp in many different areas of your home. A candle lamp or two might look nice on a dining room table or on a fireplace mantle, or on a side table in the living room. If you frequently sit outside in the spring or summer, to eat dinner or relax, a candle lamp with a citronella candle in it can provide some natural lighting outside while keeping bugs away. Teenagers generally like having candles in their rooms, but it is important that you can trust them to be careful with the candle and always extinguish it when leaving the room. Kids should never have candles or candle lamps in their rooms.

Remember to always use candles safely. The candle lamp should be kept out of reach of children and pets, and should not be able to be knocked over. The lamp should be kept on a heatproof surface where it cannot set anything else on fire. Decorating with candle lamps can be a great way to add warmth and style to a home.

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