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Caboodles® are brand-name organization tools. These boxes became wildly popular in the United States in the 1980s. The original design was a plastic, loaf shaped box that operated much like a fishing tackle box or a toolbox. Typically, young girls used them to store their treasures.

These organizers, which close up into convenient, transportable boxes, have developed more intelligent designs. They no longer are limited to the basic loaf shape, but can be purchased in large or small squares, multiple stacking units, and even soft versions. Similarly, they are available in various materials, from plastic to acrylic and metal. These organizers typically close with secure latches, and are carried by a handle at the top.

Most often, Caboodles® are used for organizing makeup and beauty products. The shelving and contained departments inside Caboodles® make separating makeup easy and logical. Also, the secure holdings keep the makeup from spilling during transportation. Makeup artists commonly use this product, as they have an abundance of makeup with which to do their work, and are required to travel for different jobs.

In addition to storing and organizing makeup, many have found alternative uses for Caboodles®. For example, some use the box to organize hair accessories, jewelry, or even scrap booking materials. The independent and secure compartments are ideal for storing easily tangled, or extremely small, easy to loose items.


In addition to the traditional case, Caboodles® has advanced their product line. They sell duffle bags and small, soft cosmetic bags that are ideal for traveling. Also, they sell unique and convenient countertop organizers than make reaching your mascara or cotton balls quick and easy when you’re doing your makeup, or washing your face.

Though Caboodles® serves a fashionable purpose, the main function is ease of operation and maintaining cleanliness. Makeup can become messy, especially when powders are involved. Caboodles® keeps your items from shifting and sprinkling everywhere — everything stays clean and pretty.

Though imitators are few, beware. True Caboodles® are known for their reliability as well as durability. Therefore, when shopping for Caboodles®, always look for the “Famous C.”


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