What are Cable Railings?

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Cable railings are railings designed for attachment to posts to provide a barrier between two spaces, and are often used for safety purposes. The cables themselves are traditionally made from stainless steel or aluminum, and may be coated with a plastic sheath or smooth metal covering to protect the metal and to allow easier handling by the installers. These railings may be found on private property, around homes, and in a variety of business and recreation areas. Many people choose to order kits containing the cables and all necessary hardware for do-it-yourself installation. It is also not uncommon for people to hire professional contractors to install these types of railings to ensure the fence is properly anchored and safe.

There are several types of posts that can be used to support cable railings including wood, stainless steel, and aluminum. Each material is durable, strong, and a good choice for this application, but in some cases the posts are chosen for their visual appeal as well. When this type of fence and railing is installed in a home, it is common for the homeowners to choose wooden posts for their attractive appearance as well as their durability. In an industrial situation, it is far more likely to see cable railings attached to stainless steel or aluminum posts.


Different examples of cable railings and posts can be found in a variety of places including in the home, on private property, and in business settings. These railings are most often used to section off or warn people or animals of danger or a restricted area. These types of railings are often used as garden features and may draw attention to specific part of the garden or flower beds, or may also be part of the deck or patio railing. They are ideal for use inside the house as a stairway railing, and offer a unique twist on this necessary accessory. These railings are very effective when used in factory or industrial settings to keep workers and visitors away from dangerous machinery or to mark a restricted area.

Fabrication manufacturers make cable railings and associated hardware, and they are responsible for ensuring the railings are safe and durable and that the railings comply with local laws pertaining to safe business practices. These companies sell their products to retail centers and home improvement contractors and companies, and many will also supply the individual consumer with complete kits for cable railing and post installation. Specific information about the offered products is often found on the companies' websites or other promotional materials.


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