What Are Cable Expenses?

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When developing a monthly budget in order to estimate expenses for a home or business, cable expenses are some of the most common inclusions. The costs for cable include the initial installation costs as well as any security deposit to set up the account, if required. The monthly bill then comprises the rest of the expenses, which will typically include television, Internet, or a combination of both. There are a number of ways to save money on cable expenses, and most people begin by cutting out unnecessary channels, or reducing the amount of features included in a monthly package.

Generally, unless an individual is building a new home and needs to run cable, installation cable expenses are typically not too pricey. When a customer is signing up for new service, many companies will run cable within the home, within reason, for free, or for a very nominal fee. Cable that needs to be run through exterior walls will typically require more of an installation fee. There might also be a small fee to connect the service, and possibly a security deposit to cover a few months' service, depending on the customer's credit report, and whether or not he or she has used the company before.


For most people, monthly cable expenses are a combination of cable television and Internet services. Features like the amount of channels included in a cable package, the speed of the Internet, or the amount of streaming movies available to customers are all factors that affect cable expenses. Fortunately, this provides some opportunities for customers to adjust their overhead expenses based on some simple changes to their bills; for instance, reducing or eliminating movie channels, or getting rid of a DVR, can significantly reduce cable expenses.

It is important to keep an eye out for hidden cable expenses on the bill as well. Some people will sign up for service with a cable company at an introductory rate, and then are surprised when the bill goes up after a few months. Sometimes, simply calling the company and asking about any current promotions can get it back down, or at least get a few discounts on the bill. It is also important to make sure that all the features included on the bill are actually part of the cable package, since cable companies can make mistakes as well and include charges for features that are not provided to the customer.


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