What Are Bronzing Pearls?

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Bronzing pearls are a type of cosmetic that can provide wearers with the look of having been out in the sun. Typically, they are little individual spheres of compressed mineral powders in a variety of gold and bronze shades that have been mixed together. A user can sweep a fluffy brush over these little pearls to pick up the different shades, which then blend together while the brush is stroked over a person's face or shoulders. The intended result is to make the wearer look as if he or she has a suntan. Bronzing pearls can also be used as a facial contour, which can correct and balance a person's facial shape.


Many people want to add color to their skin to appear as though they have been outdoors. In many areas, however, public health authorities have warned people about the dangers of overexposure to the sun, such as skin cancer and wrinkles. Cosmetic companies now produce bronzers, which can allow people to add a golden brown tone to their skin. Bronzers come in many forms, including liquids, gels, and powders. Bronzing pearls are a variation on standard bronzing powders in that they are composed of several different hues rather than one flat color. It is also possible to use these pearls as a contour powder, though those who use the pearls for this purpose may wish to choose a darker set of pearls, as they may be more effective in giving the look of sculpted cheekbones or minimizing a double chin.

The reason for using several different colors in bronzing pearls is typically to provide a more natural look to the wearer. As skin tone is naturally varied, the multiple shades used in bronzing powders can give a person the look of having actually been in the sun rather than using cosmetics. Many people also enjoy the aesthetic appeal of bronzing pearls, as they can truly resemble actual pearls from the sea.

One of the primary difficulties of using bronzing pearls is that they are not particularly portable. They are typically packaged in large containers and can easily spill. Some cosmetics companies have gotten around this difficulty by creating pressed bronzing powders that fit into a thin compact but that also have raised pearl-like bumps on the surface. This allows wearers to reapply their bronzer during the day while offering the benefits and beauty of standard pearls.


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