What Are Broiled Steaks?

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Broiled steaks refers to a method of cooking steaks in the oven, under the broiler. It is a great method of cooking steaks indoors that still gives them that slightly grilled, charred taste reminiscent of outdoor cooking. Not only that, but it is a quick and easy method that typically takes less than fifteen minutes to prepare a perfectly cooked steak. Making delicious broiled steaks requires starting with a good cut of meat, though; T-bone steaks or New York strip steaks are good choices. The steak should neither be too thick or too thin; the first will take too long to cook and could become dry, and the latter will likely just burn. A butcher can help when selecting a good steak for broiling.

It is really not necessary to do anything to the steak before broiling it, though some people like to season it with pepper, onion, and garlic, or even to marinate it for a few hours in a dish in the refrigerator. Some will quickly pan-sear a steak in a bit of oil before putting it under the broiler, but this is really not necessary to make tasty and fully cooked broiled steaks. It is really a matter of personal preference.


When making broiled steaks, raise the top oven rack to its highest possible position, with only a small bit of space under the broiler. Remember to pre-heat the broiler for a few minutes, and to leave the oven door open while doing this, as it gets very hot very quickly. Preheating the broiler pan as well can be a good way to get the "grill lines" on either side of the steak. Once that is done, simply place the steak on the broiler pan, and put it under the broiler for five to ten minutes, depending on thickness; then take it out, flip it, and put it back in for the same amount of time.

Broiled steaks are typically nicely cooked on the outside while remaining slightly rare and juicy on the inside. For a more well-done steak, leaving it under the broiler for a longer period of time is certainly an option, but this can make the steak dry. Be sure to check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer to verify that the meat is fully cooked. The steak can rest for a few minutes before it's served in order to finish cooking, but then it is ready to eat. Many people serve broiled steaks as a weekday meal because they are so fast and easy to make, as well as being delicious to eat.


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