What are Bridal Shower Games?

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A bridal shower can be one of the most fun and interesting times when someone is preparing for a wedding. In addition to the gifts and the food, it offers a time to play a variety of bridal shower games, some perhaps not played at any other time. Often, these games provide a very entertaining, and often very cheap, form of entertainment for the attending guests.

Among one of the most intriguing, interesting and potentially embarrassing bridal shower games is one titled, "What the Bride says." In this game, someone writes down what the bride says as she opens each gift, without the bride's knowledge. Then, these words are put into context of her wedding night. Phrases such as "It's just what I need," and "I'd could use two of those," take on a whole new meaning.

If the groom-to-be is in attendance, and sometimes they are, perhaps engaging the two in a mock version of "The Newlywed Game" could be very entertaining. It may be the the happy couple doesn't know each other quite as well as they thought they did. It also offers the chance for a few sweet and romantic moments in an otherwise hectic and frenzied time. Though perhaps not one of the more traditional bridal shower games, it can keep the mood very light and festive.


Given the occasion, one of the more popular bridal shower games may be just to go around and tell a romantic story. The person with the most romantic story could win a prize. However, a game such as this should be presented with caution. It could be that one or more in attendance may not have a good story to share and therefore would feel somewhat left out or inadequate.

Another bridal shower game could be to use the bride's name or the groom's name, or both, and use each letter in the name to suggest a honeymoon destination. For example, using the name Ann, one may choose Arizona, Netherlands, or Nantucket. Prizes could be given for the most inventive, funniest, and most exotic locations, as voted by the guests.

Planning a great bridal shower takes a substantial amount of time and creative thinking. There are numerous Web sites that can help with every aspect of the event, including the game choices. These sites offer some excellent resources for those planning the shower, whether they have done it dozens of times or are doing it for the first time.

No matter which are chosen, bridal shower games should be fun and entertaining for everyone. The hostess, or whoever is in charge of choosing the games, should take into account who is coming to make the most appropriate choices possible. A bridal shower is a very important event and one that will be remembered. Ruining it by choosing bridal shower games in poor taste could lead to a very uncomfortable event.


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Post 3

@Iluviaporos - Except that, as it says in the article, there are a few easy bridal shower games that you can't really play at any other time and it seems like a shame to miss out on them.

It's also important to make sure that there aren't going to be any cliques in the party. If most of the guests know each other, that could leave a few people feeling left out. Arranging a few games for the day ensures everyone gets to break the ice and participate without the bride having to intervene.

Post 2

@irontoenail - It depends on how long the shower is going to be. They aren't all like those ones you see on TV where a whole house is decked out in pastels and swans are wandering around among the guests.

Sometimes it's just a group of a few people who know each other quite well and don't really need a whole bunch of funny bridal shower games to have a good time. Or maybe it will only be an hour long and most of that time will be taken up by opening presents anyway.

I think it can be tough to arrange, because it's usually done by the head bridesmaid and she might not have ever done anything like that before. But if you keep in mind the people and what they like to do, it's really just like any other party.

Post 1

I do like the idea of "What the Bride Says" but I would be careful to try and have a mix of bridal shower party games so that it doesn't get boring. If you completely focus on the bride and groom for three hours it will make even the most loyal of friends feel a bit sick of them.

I think the kinds of games depend on the theme of the party, and by all means make some of them revolve around the bride, but remember that there are other people at the party and you want them to enjoy themselves as well.

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