What Are Breast Supplements?

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Breast supplements are oral supplements in caplet or capsule form marketed as methods for enhancing breast size. Generally, these supplements are made with all-natural ingredients, which helps them sell as supplements and not medical treatments. For most brands, the most active of those ingredients are the plant-based ingredients phytoestrogens which mimic female estrogen and can encourage breast enhancement. Other formulas use plant ingredients that are supposed to help boost a woman’s progesterone levels, therefore increasing the growth of cells that handle milk production and cause breast enhancement. Some experts believe the presence of phytoestrogens isn’t enough to increase breast size, though breast supplements remain a popular product for many consumers.

Many manufacturers of breast supplements use phytoestrogens as their main active ingredients. These plant-derived chemicals imitate estrogen, the female sex hormone. Some people believe that by increasing the female sex hormone, even if only through a chemical that imitates it, that other attributes related to the female sex, such as breasts, will increase. Yet, other people think the amount of phytoestrogens in these supplements isn’t enough to cause any significant change in breast size. One popular argument points to the fact that humans eat plant-based foods containing phytoestrogens every day, such as soy, alfalfa, and flaxseed, but experience no noticeable breast enhancement.


Other manufacturers depend on plant-based ingredients thought to increase a woman’s progesterone levels. Increasing progesterone levels can stimulate the cells responsible for milk production. By that way of thinking, a woman’s breast size would increase because her breasts would be tricked into “thinking” they were preparing to nurse a baby. Some women aren’t attracted to that feature. Thus, when certain breast supplements claim to increase a woman’s progesterone levels, some women avoid using them.

Despite some sound scientific evidence that breast supplements provide minimal, if any, results, companies are still able to market them as supplements to increase breast size. Mostly this is because the companies call them “supplements” and not “medicine,” and to date most government agencies that deal with foods and drugs, like America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have no control over testing and enforcing standards. Consumers can still file lawsuits against manufacturers of breast supplements and the breast enhancement claims they make, though.

Even though the results of breast supplements widely vary and provide no evidence the supplements consistently work, breast supplements remain a popular product among some women. Most manufacturers do provide positive testimonials as well as before-and-after photos. It’s up to each customer to determine the authenticity of these claims and photos. Supplements are available both online and offline, and most brands are relatively affordable, with the average price being near $20 US Dollars (USD) a bottle. Some manufacturers even provide a money back guarantee if the customer isn’t satisfied, and given the varying results, this is an option customers should look for when browsing their options.


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