What Are Braided Dreadlocks?

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There are several methods of making dreadlocks. Some of the methods that are often used include backcombing, twisting, neglecting, brush rubbing, and braiding. Braided dreadlocks are produced by first braiding sections of hair, then rubbing and neglecting the braids so the hair will lock in place and form dreadlocks. This method is especially good for Caucasian hair, since other methods are not always effective on Caucasian hair.

Growing deadlocks has been a popular hairstyle for a long time, especially among the Rastafarian community. The style moved from the Rastafarian community to other African Americans, and, in time, even Caucasians enjoyed wearing dreadlocks. This hairstyle can be worn long or short. Contrary to popular belief, dreadlocks are not dirty. Braiding dreadlocks is a popular way to form dreadlocks among Caucasians who wish to enjoy the freedom that this type of hairstyle offers.

Getting braided dreadlocks at a salon can be costly, but it is a good option if someone doesn't have a friend to help section his hair. The sections should be spaced evenly, and in the same sizes, so the braided dreadlocks can look their best. Anyone who wants this hairstyle should call ahead of going and ask if the hair salon will do braided dreadlocks. The best salons for getting braided dreadlocks are ones that cater to African American communities.


Anyone who wants to make braided dreadlocks at home should enlist the help of a friend or relative. First, the hair should be divided into sections, then a rubber band should be applied close to the scalp. Each section can then be braided, and another small rubber band should be applied to the end of the braid. At this point, the braid should be rolled between the person's palms to ruff the hair up and have the locks set in place. After a few months, the strands of hair in the braids will lock up even more, and will start looking more like dreadlocks than braids.

A person who just received new braided dreadlocks, or any type of dreads, should refrain from washing his hair for two weeks. If the scalp is getting itchy, it can be cleaned with alcohol on a cotton pad. When he does wash his hair, he should use an all-natural shampoo that is free from conditioners, which will make the hair too soft for locks to form. After rinsing, he should then squeeze the water out of the dreads. Going forward, he should wash his hair about twice a week.


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Post 3

There is also a dreadlock style where hair is braided at the roots and then made into dreadlocks at the ends. So the top of the hair, at the scalp remains in braids.

I think many African American salons do this nowadays and it looks nice. It looks neater than having everything dreaded. I would get it too but I need to grow out my hair first.

Post 2

@alisha-- Yes, I have braided dreadlocks and I love them. I highly recommend them. They will set more easily, especially if you have straight, thin hair. Maybe you can try a combination of braided and regular dreads in different sections of hair. That's cool too.

Post 1

Do braided dreads set more easily than regular dreadlocks? I assume so since the braiding will help keep the hair together.

I had regular dreadlocks done last year but unfortunately they came undone. I think my hair is not very suited for dreadlocks.

Does anyone here have braided dreads? Are you happy with them?

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