What are Boyshorts?

Dana Hinders
Dana Hinders

If you’re a woman in the market for new lingerie, you may be wondering if boyshorts are a flattering style for you. Also known as boys’ cut panties, boy short panties, boyleg briefs, or shorties, this is a style of lingerie that is cut to go all the way down your hips. They generally cover most of the buttocks area, making them a great choice for women who are sensitive about their perceived figure flaws.

Boyshorts are cut like men's underwear.
Boyshorts are cut like men's underwear.

Boyshorts first became popular in the late 1990s among teen girls and female college students. However, this fashion trend quickly spread into the wider population. Today, women of all ages can enjoy this lingerie style. In fact, they may be even better suited to the mature woman in search of modest yet fashionable lingerie.

Boyshorts can be made of lace or other materials.
Boyshorts can be made of lace or other materials.

This underwear gets its name from the fact that it bears a slight resemblance to a man’s shorts. However, this style is anything but masculine. Boyshorts often feature ribbon bows, lace trim, and other feminine touches. In addition, they are available in stylish prints and colors to suit almost every taste. Whether you prefer black lace or satin florals, there are options available to meet your needs.

Boyshorts are typically much more comfortable than thongs, string bikinis, and other skimpy lingerie styles. While many are as comfortable and practical as high waisted “Granny panties,” they are also seen as somewhat sexy. In fact, several popular men’s magazines have reported that these undergarments are now seen as more appealing than skimpier lingerie styles. Of course, this is great news for women who want to look and feel their very best at all times.

If they don’t ride up, boyshorts are a great way for women to avoid visible panty lines under clingy clothing. However, care must be taken to choose undergarments that fit properly. Those that are too small can create awkward bulges around the thigh area. Unless you happen to be very thin, you run the risk of having legs that resemble stuffed sausages.

When paired with a matching camisole, boyshorts make great loungewear. After a long day, you can relax in them without worrying about being overexposed. Boyshorts are also a great alternative to pajamas on a hot summer night.

Boyshorts can be purchased at popular lingerie shops, as well as many department stores and women’s clothing stores. Prices will vary according to the type of material used and level of detailing featured.

Dana Hinders
Dana Hinders

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@calabama71: Actually, I understand exactly what you mean. I am a tom-boy as well and like to wear more modest under garments. My solution to you is to try boxers. I know it sounds a little crazy, but boxers are great for women like us. There are boxers now for women, and they are extremely comfortable. Not only that, but they’re cute.

I like to purchase flirty boxers because it’s modest yet attractive. Women’s boxers aren’t expensive either. They run about the same price as regular underwear, depending on where you purchase yours. Most of the time, women’s boxers are made of either cotton or silk. Sometimes, the silk is just a little more expensive, but they’re worth it.


I wear boy shorts quite often, and I love them. However, I’m a tom-boy and I want something a little more masculine. I still want to look flirty, though. Do you have any suggestions?


@momothree: Boy shorts are right for all types and sizes! It doesn’t matter if you’re thick or thin, with the right pair of boy shorts, you’ll look great regardless. They’re one of the most comfortable types of underwear and very form fitting. Most boy shorts are made of cotton so they’re also really soft. Another good thing about boy shorts is that no matter what type of girl you are, they complement you! For example, if you’re going for a sexy look boy shorts are the perfect panties to add a little flirt and tease to your look. Also, if you’re self-conscious boy shorts come in very modest designs. However, they don’t give you that weird feeling that granny panties do. So, I think boy shorts would be a great solution for you!


I am very self- conscious about my rear and don’t like for it to be seen. However, I still want to look cute and wear flirty panties. I want to stray away from the typical granny panties. Are boy shorts a good choice for me?

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