What are Box Trucks?

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Trucks have been on the road since Gottlieb Daimler rolled the first one out in 1896. As different types of trucks evolved over the years, the style of the box truck emerged. Box trucks are usually medium-sized vehicles with a cab separate from the chassis, which actually bears the container unit referred to as the box.

Box trucks are primarily used for delivery and the transfer of goods. A glance down any busy city street will likely reveal one or more box trucks - many of which are rental-type moving vans. Small companies will often purchase box trucks for their businesses. Some box trucks are refrigerated units, while others are not. Unlike other delivery trucks, most box trucks lack an entryway from the cab into the box, though there are exceptions. Normally, however, the driver needs to exit the cab and open the rear door to access the load. Most box trucks have roller-like cargo doors, and many have hydraulic lifts to allow the loading of heavy pallets. Some box trucks have an additional side door.

Driving a box truck is more challenging than driving a passenger car, but it is certainly not as challenging as a big rig. Some states require an upgraded driver's license, and many companies require a clean DMV record to qualify as driver of a box truck.


Depending on the model, box trucks can include the same creature comforts as passenger cars, equipped with power steering and brakes, air conditioning, and high-quality sound systems. Other models used for utilitarian purposes or, for example, military or civil logistics, might be closer to fleet vehicles.

Most major truck manufacturers produce box trucks, including Ford, GMC and Chevrolet. Shoppers looking for box trucks can find them new or used on truck dealer lots, or on the Internet at such sites as eBay and Used Car Mart.


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I work for [link deleted] and we sell lots of box trucks. Some of the main things to consider are the weight you will be carrying, the size of your cargo, the type of trips (long over the road or local delivery), and how you will load and unload the truck. I know the Chevy Cutaway Chassis works very well with a variety of body applications.

Jeff Eller

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