What Are Bold.Org Scholarships?

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January 24 ,  1848 :  Gold deposits were discovered in California, sparking the Gold Rush.  more... is a US-based scholarship platform serving both students and scholarship donors.

By working with both donors and students, manages all scholarships and applications itself via the platform. All scholarships available on the site are exclusive to

For donors, the platform allows anyone and any company to create personalized scholarships, fellowships, or grants. It manages these initiatives end-to-end, providing a high-impact fully-managed philanthropy service to donors that is customized to their mission and values.

Example scholarships that donors have created:

For students, the platform provides funding opportunities aligned with their abilities and interests, for example a Philosophy Scholarship or Medical School Scholarship. It allows students to create detailed profiles showcasing their abilities to scholarship selection panels. Students apply directly via the platform, ensuring a consistent, easy application experience. also funds a variety of scholarships itself, all available only on the platform.

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