What are Boho Braids?

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Boho braids resemble French braids, but are more asymmetrical in keeping with a more relaxed hairstyle. The term boho braids comes from the root word bohemian, which typically means a person who lives free from conventional rules. Bohemian fashion includes a look that features colorful clothing, long skirts, flat sandals, bangles, and colorful stone jewelry — all which are said to be complemented by boho braids. To create a boho braid, a person builds a loosely fitted bun of braids to one side of the head, thereby creating a softly braided and bunched look. These types of braids are particularly popular with women who lead more active lifestyles because the braids are relatively easy to set.

The versatility of boho braids makes them popular among hairstylists as well. Hair stylists use an asymmetrical design for the hair placement to create the loosely fitted bun that lays to the left or right of the face. The boho braid lifts the majority of hair off the face and neck in a relaxed fashion. Much like the French braid, it generally is acceptable for boho braids to be held rather loosely in place.

Boho braids first made their appearance during the 1940s. While the 1940s hairstyle was based more on a roll-and-wave look, modern boho braids sweep the hair to one side and have a more asymmetrical look. Since the boho bread is intended to be loose, it gives the impression of a more disheveled, bohemian appearance.


The boho braid typically works best for medium to long hair because the hair needs to be pulled all the way from one side of the head to the other side and then worked into a braid. This is generally considered the only aspect of the hairstyle that may be difficult to perform. Boho braids are one of the more popular hair styles because they can remain in place for long periods of time and require very little touch-up. Generally, a boho braid works with most hairstyles and can flatter most clothing styles as well.


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