What are Body Pillow Covers?

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If you have ever seen those great big, extra-long pillows, better known as body pillows, in a linen or home store, then you must know a standard pillowcase won’t cover one. However, body pillow covers are the equivalent to a pillowcase for a body pillow. They are specially made to encase the pillow, protect it, and make it more comfortable to use.

When body pillows first hit the market, body pillow covers were a little harder to come by. Once they were largely available, they could typically only be found in a few standard, but popular, solid colors. As the body pillow gained popularity, body pillow covers began to emerge that were a bit more novel and designer-like in style. Now body pillow covers are available in college themes, kids' themes, and a wider variety of colors and patterns.

In addition to the growing selection of retail covers, patterns for sewing body pillow covers have emerged. For a fairly adept sewer, they are easy to make and can be made from any sturdy, washable fabric. The nicest thing about making body pillow covers, is the ability to customize them to coordinate with other bedding or room decor. Flannel and cotton are popular choices for material, but polyester blends, sateen, and microfiber would also work well.


Body pillows are great for kids’ rooms, playrooms, and for lounging about on the sofa. However, without a cover, you run the risk of the pillow becoming stained from spills and other accidents, causing the pillow to become less than attractive. Body pillow covers eliminate this problem by protecting and covering the pillow and providing a way to keep the surface clean.

You can purchase body pillow covers at linen and home stores in a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles for anywhere from $9.99 (US Dollars) to $20.00 (USD). Numerous online retailers also sell the covers, many of which are more varied in selection because they are handmade. Also check your local craft or fabric stores for patterns and fabrics to create custom body pillow covers. You can make multiple covers from the same pattern, and swap them out with the season or update them as your child’s tastes change. Please remember to never use a body pillow in a crib or toddler bed because of the risk of suffocation.


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