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If you've been surfing the web for the past year or five, you've undoubtedly heard of "blogs" or weblogs. These personal Internet journals have taken the Internet by storm. Frequently updated and written in a personal tone, a blog is a diary or journal where the writer or "blogger" will write her observations on the world or provide links to useful websites. Different bloggers write about different themes, sort of like a newspaper columnist but with no specialized training necessary.

The first blog is said also to have been the first website in 1992. Blogs didn't really start to take off until the late nineties, however, and they gained in popularity after 2000. Early blogs were mostly lists of recommended links with some commentary. Since then, they've evolved to something different. Now anyone who fancies himself a writer, and even some people who don't, has a blog on the Internet. Thanks to easy-to-use programs and websites, the most technically challenged person can get a blog online. This isn't a bad thing, as there's something out there for everyone.

For some, blogs are strictly vanity projects as they ramble on about their daily observations to family and friends. For others, blogs take on a deeper meaning. Blogs can be used to make political statements, promote products, provide research information, and give tutorials. If there's a subject that interests you, there's a good chance someone's writing a blog about it.


Everyone's jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Blogs written by politicians, musicians, novelists, sports figures, newscasters and other notable figures have been spotted. Because of this, blogs have also been the center of controversy. Since one can write about anything in a blog, complaints about others are commonplace. In many blogs, names are named. There have also been issues with employees writing about their place of employment in blogs and getting fired. Though you can write what you want in a blog, you're not exempt from the repercussions. Anyone who makes a controversial statement had best be well prepared to back it up.

Blogs have become so mainstream that the word "blog" was Merriam-Webster's word of the year in 2004. It has even become a category on the hit television game show, Jeopardy. Families now use blogs to keep in touch and teachers assign blogs as writing assignments. "Newsweek" magazine even recommends a few notable blogs each week to its readers.

It appears that blogging is here to stay. If you've considered a blog, you'll be happy to learn that many services make creating your own blog as easy as typing and clicking. Why not start your own blog?


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Post 19

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Up to 50 people were killed in missile attacks on at least four hospitals and two schools in rebel-held areas of northern Syria on Monday.

The UN said the "deliberate" targeting of such facilities "could amount to war crimes", according to Reuters.

Russia has been accused, by Turkey among others, of being responsible for the attacks.

Meanwhile, a Turkish official on Tuesday said Turkey would back a ground operation in Syria but only "with our international allies".

"There is not going to be a unilateral military operation from Turkey to Syria," the unnamed official told reporters in Istanbul.


Post 17

What are blogs and when did they first appear? What do bloggers write about? Have blogs become popular? is it easy to start a blog?

Post 16

If I blog and it contains names of senior people in authority who have all blatantly broken the law, in which I can support with documented, and very strong evidence, can it prejudice any forthcoming civil action?

Post 11

I've always loved writing and have my own journal since I was 12 years old--a diary then. I want to share some of my thoughts to a larger audience but I am afraid that I might end up being controversial enough to offend a mighty person who can make my family's life miserable and compromise my life. Believe me, I do get controversial because I did not grow up in the USA. I see things differently and for this I am quite apprehensive to start my own blog.---L.J.C.

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SilentIce- I know that many celebrities keep blogs for fans to read. Many celebrities will have a blog on their website that they update from time to time.

However, many celebrities have now abandoned blogging and have switched to using Twitter. Twitter allows you to write short updates without

having to write a whole blog post so it is much more convenient. Celebrities from Lindsay Lohan to Britney Spears regularly use Twitter to update their fans on events happening in their life.

Post 7

dudla- Thank you for the helpful information.

Does anyone know of any celebrities that keep online blogs that are accessible for people to read?

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If you find yourself routinely checking a few blogs, you would probably benefit from tailoring a RSS feed for yourself. RSS feeds allow you to house, in one place, all the updates to the various blogs (and other informational sites) that you are interested in.

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