What Are Bio Cosmetics?

Patti Kate

Bio cosmetics consist of facial makeup and lotions that do not contain harsh chemicals or artificial stabilizers. Products that are not labeled as bio cosmetics may contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment or those who use them. Bio cosmetics are also referred to as environmentally friendly cosmetics, as they are made with natural or organic substances. Bio cosmetics are often preferred by conservationists as well as animal rights advocates, as these products are not typically tested on animals.

Tubes of bio cosmetics.
Tubes of bio cosmetics.

Many people who consume an organic diet also favor the use of bio cosmetics. Bio or organic cosmetics are typically made from plant derivatives. These herbal ingredients are considered a safer alternative than standard cosmetics made with synthetic additives. Chemicals added to standard synthetic cosmetics may be absorbed through the bloodstream. This absorption may lead to toxic build-up over a period of time.

A woman wearing bio cosmetics.
A woman wearing bio cosmetics.

Bio cosmetics do not contain ingredients likely to cause skin allergies in people with sensitive skin. Natural cosmetics do not contain petroleum, preservatives, or alcohol. Many of these man-made ingredients may cause negative effects such as wrinkles and flaky skin. Environmentally friendly cosmetics are considered a healthier choice for skin and body. Additionally, bio cosmetics will not contribute to air pollution and toxic waste.

Instead of manufacturing cosmetics with paraffin stabilizers or animal by-products, bio cosmetics are often made with natural vegetable oil or olive oil. Plant and fruit extracts are often used in green cosmetics as well. Ingredients such as pure aloe vera extract are used to replenish moisture and protect the skin. If any cosmetic is to be certified as bio safe, it must contain no more than five percent artificial ingredients. Irradiation is not typical in the manufacturing of organic or natural cosmetics.

Other standards must be met for a product to be labeled as a bio cosmetic. Cosmetics that are certified as organic cannot contain agricultural substances. In most cases, bio cosmetic products will have to pass stringent quality assurance tests before being sold to the public.

Biological skin care products are often recommended by dermatologists for patients with acne or rosacea, as natural cosmetics are less likely to cause skin irritation. Bio products are also used for reducing the appearance of minor scarring from burns and stretch marks and to promote healing. Natural skin care products are often used in spas and clinics and often command high prices.

Most cosmetics use artificial chemicals as stabilizers.
Most cosmetics use artificial chemicals as stabilizers.

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