What are Belly Bands for Dogs?

Debra Durkee

Belly bands for dogs are fabric straps that are wrapped around a dog's midsection and secured in place, usually with Velcro. An absorbent material such as a sanitary pad or a section of a diaper is placed between the band and the dog. Typically used with male dogs, these bands can be useful in several situations. Belly bands for dogs can be used in the long and sometimes tedious process of housebreaking, and can also be used to make life easier when living with an older, incontinent, or ill dog.

A belly band may be useful for a dog who is recovering from surgery.
A belly band may be useful for a dog who is recovering from surgery.

When used on a male puppy, a belly band acts in a way similar to a diaper on human babies. A dog generally does not like the sensation of being wet; in much the same way as being confined in a kennel overnight encourages him to learn to control his bladder until he gets outside to avoid sleeping on a wet blanket, a belly band encourages the same behavior. When absorbent materials are tucked inside, excess urine is absorbed but the puppy still feels an uncomfortable, wet sensation. It helps him quickly learn that in order to avoid the feeling, he can hold his urine until he is taken outside.

A dog suffering from incontinence as a result of a urinary tract infection may benefit from the use of belly bands.
A dog suffering from incontinence as a result of a urinary tract infection may benefit from the use of belly bands.

An older male dog who is house-trained can still benefit from the use of belly bands for dogs in some situations. If he is adopted into a new home where there are other animals already present, he may attempt to urinate in the house in order to help him establish his presence. A belly band can help discourage this behavior and make assimilation into a new home much easier.

Incontinence is a difficult to manage situation when it occurs with a beloved pet, and belly bands for dogs can make taking care of this problem much easier. A dog may begin to have accidents in the house as he gets older and loses control of his bladder, and a belly band may help him control these accidents and give him time to get outside; it can also making cleanup easier when he doesn't make it. A pet who has just had surgery and is on the road to recovery can also benefit, especially as he gets used to the longer time it takes him to get outside to relieve himself. Illness can also make a dog incontinent; a bacterial infection can cause a urinary tract infection, which results in the dog leaking urine without realizing he is doing so. In these cases, belly bands for dogs can save carpets and furniture as well as make the dog more comfortable as he recovers from his illness.

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@Drentel - I agree with you about dogs learning quickly how to ask to go out to use the bathroom. In my experience, a puppy can learn in a couple of weeks, and then you only have to worry about the occasional accident.

However, the article makes a good point about the dog belly bands being good for dogs trying to mark their territory. Dog belly bands sound great in these instances. I wish I had a belly band for my male cat. He knows how to go outside to use the bathroom, and he also has a litter box that he knows how to use, but sometimes he feels the need to mark his territory.


I have only recently heard about these belly bands, and I wasn't exactly sure what they were until reading this article. Most puppies don't need a lot of time to learn to do their business outside of the house. I think the main reason that a dog has problems learning to go outside is that its owner is not good at keeping a schedule.

If you take the dog out after meals and after it drinks water and regularly when it is a puppy then it will quickly understand that when it needs to go then it needs to go outside. Once the puppy understands this it will let its owner know when it needs to go out.

The problems start when the dog is locked inside and can't get out, and when the animal is not taken out regularly as a puppy. Remember, a puppy can't hold it as long as an adult dog can.


House training an animal can be difficult when they are little. One of the ladies at work has been resisting her daughter's pleas for a puppy because she is worried that the puppy will urinate all over the house and make a general mess of the place. The belly band for dogs sounds like just the device to allow her daughter to get that new puppy.

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