What are Battery Operated Lights?

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Battery operated lights are portable lighting devices that can be placed in any location where a supply of electricity is not readily available. Because no wiring is required, it is possible to place these portable lights in closets, cabinets or any other spot where illumination is desired. Battery operated lighting is available as single LED lights or as part of a larger system of home lighting options that can be used in an emergency situation.

Depending on the size of the battery operated light, the power source may be a small battery that is similar to those used in flashlights or a larger battery that essentially functions as base for the lighting fixture itself. The smaller battery operated lights may be configured to carry with the use of a handle, making them ideal for use on camping trips or for moving from room to room during a power outage. The larger lights are normally intended to be set in a particular spot, much in the same way that a battery operated lamp is left in place to continually illuminate a space.


One of the more common day-to-day functions of battery operated lights is to provide lighting in locations where electrical wiring is not available. Under cabinet lights usually come in short fluorescent models that are adhered with adhesive to the underside of a cabinet and illuminate a countertop. Battery operated lights are also a great idea for dark closets, under stairwells, and in halls that lack overhead lighting.

The use of battery operated lights is also practical in terms of emergency supplies. In the event that a power outage takes place, portable battery operated lights make it possible to provide lighting for reading, food preparation, or to move around a home or building that otherwise would be difficult to navigate in the dark. By keeping a fully charged set of batteries nearby, it is possible to use the battery operated lights instead of using candles or other lighting options that are less stable and reliable.

Taking along battery operated lights on a camping trip can also prove helpful. The quality of light is likely to be higher than the light emanating from kerosene lanterns, and will not create an unpleasant scent around the campsite. The lack of flammable materials also make the battery lights a safer option when there are young children along on the trip.

Creative individuals can come up with many other applications for battery operated lights. The lights can be used to create lighting along a walkway, provide lighting in a china cabinet, or provide a source of uplighting behind a tall plant. Simple to operate and usually inexpensive to purchase, battery operated lights can be found at many hardware stores and home supply shops.


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