What are Bathroom Readers?

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Bathroom readers are either people who read in the bathroom, or books specifically designed for bathroom reading. For example, Uncle John’s Bathroom Books are interesting books that give one tidbits of information. However, many other books qualify just as nicely as bathroom readers and are worth some thought.

Generally, the Guinness Book of World Records in all its forms makes great bathroom readers because information is short and easily read. Usually one wants to look for material that takes no more than a minute or two to read, as hopefully, one’s bathroom time is limited to a minute or two. For this reason, magazines also provide an excellent source of a variety of bathroom readers. However, if one is reading or studying lengthy technical journals, the bathroom may not be the best place.

Books written by columnists like Dave Berry, Erma Bombeck, or Anne Le Mott, usually give one a chance to get through a single column. As well, the series of Worst Case Scenario books are excellent bathroom readers.

Collections of comic strips may also be ideal for bathroom readers. In fact series like Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side and Peanuts are usually much appreciated by both old and young readers.


In some families the most avid bathroom readers are children. In which case, the comic books mentioned above are excellent choices. In fact, Calvin and Hobbes is appealing to young readers but also has challenging words which can make bathroom reading educational. As well, children may enjoy having short picture books available. There are also books specifically written for the potty training set, which may help encourage the recalcitrant trainee.

When getting rid of your college books, don’t resell books containing essay collections. These are often also excellent bathroom readers and provide a mixture of pathos, instruction, and humor. Also look for books of famous quotes, joke books and trivia. These may all become excellent bathroom readers.

A few books do not make for good bathroom readers. In general, don’t take books to the bathroom that are high in value. A little water spill, as from a tub or sink could ruin an otherwise valuable book. As well, it is considered quite outside of etiquette to read cookbooks in the bathroom. Though cooking may be a favorite subject, it should not be mixed up with the functions of the bathroom. Further, guests who note cookbooks in your bathroom may worry about the sanitary steps you take in preparing food.


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