What Are Balding Clippers?

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Balding clippers are electric hair clippers, also sometimes known as buzzers, that are specially designed to cut close to the scalp, producing a bald head. They can also be used to create a fade haircut, which is a style cut close to the head. The fade cut is often cut with close-shaved lines throughout the hair and can be filled with complex designs.

Most consumers who use balding clippers are men. A man who is experiencing male pattern baldness may choose to shave off all his hair and sport a bald head instead. Some men enjoy the freedom of the bald look. Completely removing hair and sporting the bald look is a style that rises in popularity occasionally.

Anyone who wants a bald head and chooses to do it himself would need to use regular hair clippers to get as close to the scalp as possible. After that procedure, he would need to shave his head with a razor. This is a time-consuming two-step procedure. Balding clippers cut closer than regular hair clippers, eliminating the need to use the razor. This saves time and reduces frustration during a home hair cut.

Anyone who is shopping for a pair of balding clippers should consider the material used to make them. The blades are generally manufactured from titanium, ceramic, or steel. Titanium blades are the best quality and the most expensive. Ceramic blades are a close second in quality. Many consumers who buzz their own hair at home choose the steel blades for economy, although they will become dull quicker than the other two types.

Some balding clippers are equipped with adjustable blades, which are helpful for the fade cut. They can also be used to trim sideburns. Other balding clippers simply cut the hair close to the head, although some cut closer than others. Before purchasing a balding clipper, the consumer should read reviews to make an informed choice.

The balding clipper works with a blade that moves back and forth in back of a comb. When the clipper is run through the hair, the comb sets the length of the hair, which the blade cuts. Blades need to be oiled so they continue to move back and forth. When they become dry, the motor doesn't work as well, and it could over heat and shut off.

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