What are Bad Credit Loans?

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Bad credit loans are those loans obtained by people with poor credit histories or with no credit history. Even if you have bad credit, you can find companies that will loan you money, though you will often pay more because you are a higher risk borrower. You’ll find several types of categories of these loans.

Unsecured personal loans for people with bad credit are some of the riskiest for lenders. There are agencies that will offer these, but you do need to do some research into any company from which you wish to borrow. Some bad credit loans are scams.

You can also find secured loans, for instance if you have collateral you can offer up to guarantee the loans, like property. These may be easier to find because they give lenders the opportunity to seize property in the event that you can’t make your loan payments. You’ll find many of these associated with home mortgages or refinancing. Alternately, there are bad credit loans for automobiles, and credit car companies that will offer cards to those with bad credit.


Most of these loans share in common the fact that you will pay much higher interest rates than average in order to borrow money. When these loans are offered as credit repair, be certain that you will have enough money to make payments in a timely fashion. If you cannot meet the obligations of new loans for bad credit, you should not borrow the money, as this will only damage your credit further. Some companies assess huge fees if payments are a few days overdue, so you really have to be responsible.

You can shop around for bad credit loans to find lower rates. You are unlikely to be able to get loans from most traditional sources like banks or credit unions. However, if you have a longstanding relationship with a credit union, you should check with them first, because they may able to offer you a loan that has much lower rates. It’s also usually more prudent to take out a secured loan when possible. Interest rates on secured loans can be a half to a fourth of interest rates on unsecured amounts.

When you’re considering obtaining bad credit loans, do some searching online for reputable agencies. You might also want to speak with your bank about what agencies they refer people to when they cannot loan them money due to bad credit. Use caution and be especially wary of offers that sound too good to be true. They usually are. Also, be certain you understand interest rate, monthly payment requirements, and total amount you will end up paying to borrow money today.


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my credit score is low due to a purchase I never received. I got a lawyer who wrote a letter of release. all others are due to theft fraud.

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