What Are Baby Shower Cakes?

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Baby shower cakes come in two forms. The first is the edible type, which should be a part of every shower. The second form, the diaper cake, looks like an edible cake but is composed of diapers and various other baby changing supplies. Both can be fun to have at a baby shower, though many diaper cakes are made with cloth diapers, which may not be the mom’s choice. Either version can be purchased from a variety of stores or they can be homemade.

There is incredible variety in the types of edible baby shower cakes. They can range from bakery cakes with a few words of congratulations on them, to elaborately shaped cakes that can have numerous baby themes. Different shapes include things like ducks, carriages, blocks, or even elephants. Anything that is cute is typically acceptable and colors of frosting may coordinate with the colors preferred by the expectant mother. A popular alternative to shaped cakes or round or sheet cakes, are cupcake cakes, made from many frosted cupcakes.


Probably the most important consideration when choosing edible cakes or making them is the taste of the mom-to-be. Would she like lemon cake or has she been craving chocolate and raspberry? Any cake flavor, filling, and frosting will do as long as it will appeal to the mom, and hopefully most of the other guests. Safe flavors to choose for “surprise showers” include white or yellow cakes with lemon or raspberry filling. Some moms do avoid chocolate during pregnancy because it contains a small amount of caffeine.

If a shower host or guest is interested in making baby shower cakes, there are plenty of books on the subject. Cake supply stores and craft stores can be excellent sources of inspiration too. They feature many different pans that can inspire the baker to create elaborate designs. Cake decorating books and websites are also great resources, though if people are new to cooking, it may be better to purchase a cake.

These cakes can be purchased at bakeries and some bakeries specialize in really creative designs. For the price conscious, warehouse and grocery stores often carry cakes too that are less expensive. Pay attention to size of cakes and number of expected guests to make sure there is enough cake to go around and maybe some extra for the mom-to-be to take home.

Inedible baby shower cakes can be made at home and there are plenty of online guides that can help. It will typically be less expensive to make a diaper cake at home, and people can have more choice as to what things to include and the quality of items included. Commercially made diaper cakes are also attractive options for those who don’t have time for craftwork at home.


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i want to surprise my friend with a filling in her baby shower cake as to what she is having boy or girl. she will not know until then.

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