What Are ATV Street Tires?

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ATV street tires, sometimes called hard surface tires, are tires designed for use on the kinds of paved and hard surfaces common to public streets and roadways. The main difference between these tires and the kinds of off-road tires common to all-terrain vehicles is the tread pattern. ATV street tires have tread patterns that allow them to operate more smoothly on paved surfaces than on off-road terrains. Usually, shoppers can find street tires for ATVs at the kinds of online and traditional stores that sell ATV equipment. Before installing street tires for use on public roadways, ATV owners should check on their region's off-road and all-terrain vehicle operation laws.

Overall, there are two basic types of ATV tires. The first type includes tires designed for off-road terrains, such as dirt-packed, rocky, and grassy terrains. These probably are the most common types of ATV tires, as most all-terrain vehicles are designed for primarily off-road use. The second type, ATV street tires, is designed for use on paved or asphalted terrains. So, despite their name, ATV street tires are often used not only on streets and roadways, but also on large paved areas such as parking lots and even special ATV road courses and raceways.


The difference between ATV street tires and off-road tires lies in the tires’ tread. Generally, off-road tires have wider, deeper treads that allow for more rolling resistance. These kinds of tread patterns help ATVs more efficiently maneuver rockier, muddier, and less even terrains. ATV street tires, on the other hand, have closer, more shallow tread patterns that discourage rolling resistance. Such tread patterns last longer on paved surfaces and allow the ATV to roll more effortlessly.

Often, stores that specialize in hunting and outdoor sporting equipment stores sell various kinds of ATV parts, including ATV street tires. Some tire stores offer a selection of ATV tires, and may include street versions. Yet, since some areas don’t actually allow all-terrain vehicles in all terrains, many owners must shop online with stores that specialize in all types of ATV tires.

On that note, an ATV owner must understand that installing ATV street tires does not necessarily make a street legal ATV. Not all regions allow drivers to operate ATVs on public streets and roadways. Some regions allow a driver to operate his ATV on a public street, but only under certain specific circumstances. Generally, such circumstances involve crossing a public street to get from one allowable area to another, or operating the types of ATVs used for public work. Such laws are common in America, for example, where most states restrict the use of ATVs to private property and public lands designated for ATV use.


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