What Are ATV Grips?

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All-terrain vehicle (ATV) grips are also known as hand grips because of the location in which the grips are placed on the handle bars. The purpose for ATV grips is threefold: the grips provide cushion against vibration to the rider's hands, a non-slip holding location on the machine and a way to wick away the sweat and water that might make its way onto the handle bars. Offered in multiple colors, ATV grips are available in nearly any hue needed in order to match an ATV's paint scheme. ATV grips are also available in many different rubber compounds, offering a selection to fit nearly any rider's preference.

When riding an ATV, it can become incredibly difficult to maintain an adequate grip on the handle bars for a number of reasons. Sweat from the palm of a hand can saturate a hand grip, making it extremely slick and difficult to hold onto. Water from traversing a small creek or mud puddle can also create a slick condition between the ATV grips and the rider's hands. The answer for this condition is often a new set of ATV grips featuring an improved pattern designed to wick the wetness away from the rider's hands.


Vibration is the enemy of all ATV riders, as the constant motion can cause a rider's hands to go numb, resulting in a loss of control of the machine. Special, soft rubber ATV grips can remove much of the vibration. There are ATV grips that are very hard and grips that are soft, as well as types in between to fit nearly any rider's preference. Some grips are manufactured with a slightly tacky coating to aid in keeping a rider's hands on the handle bars when encountering very rough sections of a trail or race track.

Many grips include a hard extrusion on either side of the gripping surface. These are intended to help hold the hand on the center section of the grips and prevent the hands from slipping off of the end of the handle bars. Various colors, traditional as well as hot or neon, are available to accent or color-match nearly any ATV paint scheme. When replacing a set of worn grips, it is imperative that petroleum-based lubricant is not used to aid in sliding the grips onto the handle bars. Water is the only lubricant that should be used on the grips and, once in place, the grips should be allowed to dry thoroughly before riding the ATV.


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