What Are ATV Goggles?

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When riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) the rider's face will be exposed to the elements, as well as debris from roads or off-road surfaces. In order to protect this sensitive area of the body, the rider will wear a protective helmet as well as ATV goggles. These goggles are designed to work in conjunction with the helmet to protect the eyes and face from debris, and in some cases, the ATV goggles are tinted to help protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. These goggles are often identical to some motorcycle goggles, and they are similar in style to ski goggles.

There are certain differences between ATV goggles and ski goggles. An ATV rider is far more likely to be exposed to dirt and mud that can cover the lens of the goggles, thereby preventing adequate vision. To counteract this problem, ATV goggles often feature clear lens protectors that can simply be peeled away when they become too dirty or muddy to see through. These lens covers are refillable, which means the rider can simply buy more and adhere them to the lens once he or she runs out of the initial batch of covers.


Like other types of goggles, ATV goggles feature flexible frames that will not shatter when impacted, as well as flexible lenses that will also resist shattering. While not a common occurrence, it is possible for a rider to lose control of a vehicle and impact the ground with his or her face, and the goggles will offer some protection from impacts should this occur. The helmet is the primary protective piece of equipment in this case, however, as it is more durable and is often designed to help prevent the face from hitting the ground during falls.

The ATV goggles are held in place by an elastic strap that wraps around the outside of the helmet. The strap is almost always adjustable so the rider can move the goggles as necessary for comfort and function. Many goggle designs now feature straps with a locking buckle mounted at the rear that makes putting on and taking off the goggles much easier for the rider. These buckles are usually made from plastic to help keep costs down and to protect the finish of the helmet. Many helmets also feature goggle strap guides to help keep the goggles in position, even during significant jostling over rough terrain.


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Post 3

I bought ATV goggles recently and I love it. I was worried about comfort, especially when riding for a long time, but that has not been a problem at all. Something else I was worried about was fog which is often a problem with sports goggles in general. Fog can be fairly dangerous since it basically makes it impossible to see. So it was important that I had anti-fog ATV goggles. So far, everything is good. I did pay a little more than I expected, but it was worth it.

Post 2

@fify-- I think you're referring to the motorcycle goggle sets with different tinted glasses right?

The ATV goggles I have seen do not come in sets like that. But different tints and colors are available so riders can choose what they prefer. Actually, perhaps such sets should be sold because if anyone rides both during the day and at night, then it's not possible to use the same tinted goggles in both situations. Tinted goggles are best during the day and clear goggles at night. Since ATV goggles and motorcycle goggles are so similar, I'm sure some people use motorcycle goggles anyway.

Post 1

Do ATV goggles usually come in different tints such as smoke and clear, like motorcycle goggles do?

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