What are Ashton Cigars?

Erika Peterson

Ashton Cigars are cigars that are synonymous with elegance and class in the cigar world. Ashton is a brand name; it is given to six different blends of cigars that are manufactured by a company called Ashton Distributors Incorporated. The Ashton name is a name that is not only known in the United States, but it is known and enjoyed in various countries around the world.

Ashton cigars have a dark, sweet flavor, thanks to high-quality fermenting and curing processes.
Ashton cigars have a dark, sweet flavor, thanks to high-quality fermenting and curing processes.

Like any cigar, an Ashton cigar is a compacted roll of tobacco leaves that is meant for smoking. Different brands of cigars are made from different types of tobacco leaves, and Ashton cigars are not made from ordinary leaves. Ashton operates with high standards in excellence. They focus on the best in taste, flavor and construction.

Ashton cigars are associated with elegance.
Ashton cigars are associated with elegance.

The Ashton brand name was originally started by Robert Levin. Robert was a United States native who had grew up in the tobacco and cigar business industries. He started Ashton Cigars in 1985, and he partnered with the Fuente family to make and market a premium cigar with the best of Dominican grown tobacco. The tobacco is grown from seeds, and the seedlings are transplanted from a greenhouse into a special growing area. All phases of the growth process are specially monitored for excellence.

Today Ashton cigars are highly sought after, and the come in six highly different and distinguishable blends. Regardless of the blend that is chosen, it can be a considerable investment. For some people Ashton cigars are expensive, but to a cigar lover they are usually worth every penny. They are most often sold in packages of five or boxes of twenty-five or more for the convenience of the customer.

One of the most popular of Ashton cigars six blends is the Ashton VSG (Virgin Sun Grown). The blend was made public in 1999. To this day it is still one of the most successful introductions in the company’s history.

Another popular type of Ashton cigar is the Ashton Aged Maduro. Cigar lovers are enticed by these Ashton cigars because of their naturally dark and sweet flavor. The flavor is a result of proper fermenting and aging.

For cigar enthusiasts that look for aged tobacco in their cigars, Ashton also has their Cabinet Selection blend. It seems as if Ashton cigars may have a blend for anyone who is interested in partaking in the event that is smoking a cigar. That makes Ashton cigars a shoe-in for popularity for years to come.

Ashton Cigars are made with Dominican grown tobacco.
Ashton Cigars are made with Dominican grown tobacco.

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Ashton does make a good cigar but I think they are often overrated. It is a premium cigar to be sure, but many people think it is the finest cigar on the market and this is just not true.

Ashton cannot compete with some of the better cigars being made in the Dominican Republic and Columbia. The cigar industry has gotten bigger and more specialized in the last decade and there are now a number of small, "boutique" cigar makers who focus on maximum quality and consistency. It is similar to the way the beer market has changed.

It is from these smaller shops that the best cigars are coming. I will never turn down an Ashton, but if I am looking for a really nice smoke I will spend my money on something else.


My grandfather always smokes Ashton cigars. And he always has a cigar in his mouth so that Ashton is kind of his constant companion. The funny thing is that he is not a rich or particularly fancy man. He lives in a little house by himself and worked as a plumber for 40 years.

He said when he retired that he never wanted to smoke a cheap cigar again. He has been a heavy smoker all his life and always smoked the cheapest generic cigars you can buy. But He wanted to spend his golden years smoking the good stuff so it is the one extravagance he allows himself. I will probably always associate Ashton cigars with my gradfather.

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