What are Argan Oil Benefits?

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Argan oil, which comes from a tree native to Morocco, benefits the body in many ways. The oil is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic industry for its unique ability to beautify the skin and hair. Moroccans have been using the oil for beauty and health reasons for centuries.

In the cosmetic world, argan oil is known for its anti-aging benefits. The oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which makes it an ideal beauty product. The oil has the unique ability to correct age related deficiencies in the skin. The effects of the oil on aging skin, acne, and dry skin have given the oil the nicknames of "Liquid Gold" and "Gold of Morocco." Argan oil benefits skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and even the chicken pox.

Argan oil is also popular because of its nutritive benefit, and the two unique ingredients it contains. These two ingredients are schottenol and spinasterol. Their combination has the unique ability to reduce inflammation, and block cholesterol from being absorbed in the intestines. These ingredients also have anti-cancer properties.

The oil’s anti-inflammation properties are useful in treating several conditions. For example, the oil can provide relief from arthritic or rheumatism pain. Argan oil is also rich in carotenes, unsaturated fatty acids, and essential fatty acids.


In addition to its use for the skin, argan oil benefits the hair. The oil is said to eliminate frizz and restore hair damaged by chemicals and environmental free radicals. The oil can increase the elasticity of hair, which reduces hair breakage.

When purchasing argan oil, individuals should be sure to look for oil that is natural and certified organic. Natural organic argan oil is likely to have the potency necessary to deliver the oil’s numerous benefits. Potency is also affected based on how the oil is processed. The most potent argan oil is processed using a cold press, but argan oil benefits the body when processed in other ways as well.

The argan tree is endangered. Over time, overgrazing of the tree by goats and human interference has caused the number of argan trees to significantly decrease. Environmental organizations have made efforts to protect the argan tree, but it is still considered rare. As an endangered tree, argan oil is rare. Its rarity makes it an expensive oil to obtain. Although argan oil is more expensive than most oils, a little bit goes a long way and argan oil benefits the entire body.


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Post 3

@feruze-- No, they are not the same. What is labeled and sold as Moroccan oil has some argan oil in it but it is mixed with some other oils as well.

I have heard about Moroccan oil too and I'm sure it has benefits for hair since it contains argan oil. But if you really want a nice hair oil, I recommend getting the actual pure argan oil. I know it's expensive, but so is Moroccan oil and we don't even know how much argan oil they put inside.

Argan oil is very good for taming hair and for softening and moisturizing it. I have been using it as both a leave-in conditioner and a hair mask

. For the leave in, I take a tiny amount (dime size) and spread it throughout my long hair. You don't need very much at all.

If I haven't done the leave-in conditioner for a while and my split ends have increased, then I do the mask where I basically put more argan oil in my hair and let it soak in for a couple of hours before washing it out. It is amazing! You will see the difference after washing your hair because it becomes so easy to brush and manage.

Post 2

Hi, thank you for that article, it's very helpful!

I would like to know if Moroccan oil and argan oil are the same?

I saw Moroccan oil at the beauty store and it claims to help treat and nourish hair, fix split ends and make it easier to control. It was quite expensive though and I didn't want to buy it before knowing what it really is. I didn't see an ingredients list on the back either, maybe it was inside the box but didn't think to check.

I actually want to try argan oil because I have heard so much about it and it seems very impressive.

Are the two the same?

Post 1

The salon I go to for massage uses argon oil. It's part of their cellulite treatment because apparently argon oil helps with cracks and stretch marks in the skin. It is supposed to renew skin cells and improve its elasticity.

I get a massage with this oil regularly and I think my skin is softer and firmer. I am also recommending it to my sister who is six months pregnant. I think it could help her prevent stretch marks from the pregnancy if she uses it now.

I also have a theory that it would be good for feet care, like for cracked heels and such. I haven't applied it on my feet specifically, other than the bit that gets applied during my massage. But considering how soft and healthy it makes my legs look, I think it could benefit the hard skin under my feet too.

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