What are Antifreeze Recyclers?

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Antifreeze recyclers are companies that offer processing of antifreeze for reuse. They take used antifreeze and filter it to remove impurities, allowing it to be used again or to be used in a blended product combining new and used antifreeze. This is one method for handling waste antifreeze and can be a more environmentally friendly approach than discarding it altogether. Many regions have antifreeze recyclers and usually when people take equipment in for servicing, the person performing the service can collect the antifreeze for recycling.

At an antifreeze recycling company, collected waste antifreeze is run through filtration systems to pull out particulate materials, as well as chemical impurities. The goal is to remove as much unwanted material as possible for the purpose of purifying the antifreeze. Depending on the condition of the waste material at the start, the equipment used, and how attentive the company is to maintenance needs, the quality of recycled antifreeze can vary. Some can be safely used just like a new product, while others may need to be blended for best results because they are not effective on their own.

There are recycled antifreeze products commercially available and antifreeze recyclers can also sell directly to companies involved in the repair and maintenance of cooling systems. These companies will use recycled products when possible, reducing the demand for more new antifreeze. Usually, the waste products they collect are sent back to the recycler's for processing in a reciprocal relationship.


Using an antifreeze recycler has a number of benefits. This chemical compound is toxic to animals and dangerous for the environment, so care needs to be taken when disposing of it and there is a desire to reduce antifreeze waste for environmental reasons. While it can be disposed of in a variety of processes, one of the best ways to handle it is to reuse it, if possible. Antifreeze recyclers benefit the environment both by controlling waste antifreeze and limiting the demand for more.

Like other companies offering handling of toxic materials, antifreeze recyclers are required to follow government codes intended to make conditions as safe and clean as possible. They may be subject to periodic inspections and must maintain clear, detailed maintenance logs on their equipment. Personnel are expected to receive training in safely handling and controlling the chemicals they work with and they must be instructed in the proper and appropriate use of the equipment they handle on the job, with the goal of preventing accidents like spills.


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