What Are Amphetamine Diet Pills?

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Amphetamine diet pills are a supplement that is commonly used to help lose weight by reducing the levels of hunger throughout the day. These types of pills also give the user high amounts of energy, which also aids in the weight loss process because of the increase in activity levels. Unlike some pills available on the market throughout the world, amphetamines do not work directly on the fat that is stored within the body. Rather, they work with the specific parts of the brain that controls the natural hunger response. These chemicals in the brain are basically eliminated by the amphetamine diet pills, making it possible to go an entire day, or even a number of days, without feeling any hunger pains.

In many areas, these pills have been banned because many people abused these products due to the side effects. On many street corners these pills are bought and sold under the name of speed because they drastically increase the energy levels. The United States has even gone so far as to ban these diet pills for medical purposes, so a person who has them in their possession can get into serious legal troubles. Other countries, on the other hand, do not feel that these pills are dangerous or illegal, such as South America, were people continue to use them in combination with their other dieting systems.


In many areas, speed has been combined with various other chemicals to manufacture what is commonly known as meth. The reason for this is that amphetamine diet pills will increase the heart rate, enhance performance and alertness, and produce the feelings of being on top of the world. Because of this, random drug tests that are given to athletes and employees include a screening for this drug, which can lead to suspension or unemployment.

Amphetamine diet pills can be extremely dangerous to the user because of various different medical conditions that can result from taking them. People with high blood pressure and heart problems need to avoid them because they will cause serious complications. It can also cause various levels of insomnia, confusion and sickness when coming down from them, and they can cause heart palpitations. Loss of concentration can also occur, as well as addiction and the side effects that accompany it. Amphetamine diet pills are very effective when it comes to weight loss, but many side effects accompany them when used.


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Post 4

I'd rather go for something that just curb the appetite like prescopodene. It doesn't have any nasty ingredients to cause any side effects, or worse, dependency. I have actually lost a great amount of weight in two months of using the pill. Definitely worth my time.

Post 3

I tried these pills for a short time but I didn't want to take them any longer because I became afraid of addiction.

Amphetamine really does give a sense of euphoria, especially at higher doses. After a few days, you enjoy the state of mind and wish to be like that all the time. I started to fear myself and that's why I stopped taking them. I'm sure I would have lost a decent amount of weight on them though.

Post 2

@SarahGen-- I think amphetamine diet pills are the best diet pills I've tried. They work fast, with little side effects. I have no appetite and I've lost four pounds in just one week!

Post 1

This has to be the worst use of this drug.

I dislike amphetamine in general because it causes addiction and can have very dangerous side effects like psychosis when used in the long term. But I think its short-term use is acceptable when treating problems like deficiency disorder or narcolepsy.

But using amphetamine to lose weight is just ridiculous. Loss of appetite is a side effect of amphetamine and amphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant which improves mood. This is why people lose weight.

What this also means is that when the medication is stopped, the appetite will come right back and you will probably re-gain what you lost. What's worse is that you might experience serious withdrawal effects like mood changes and depression.

Is it worth it? I think not!

I'm against all prescription diet pills, but if you insist on using one, use something else!

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