What are Aluminum Downspouts?

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Aluminum downspouts are kinds of pipes that are used in the designs of roofs to help collect water and carry it from the roof level down to the ground. Downspouts are usually connected to the gutters where the rainwater, sluicing down an angled roof, collects. From the roof, the to gutters, to the downspout, rainwater or even melting snow and ice is collected and directed to the ground or, in some cases, to barrels where rainwater is collected. In these cases when the rainwater is collected, it is often used for home and garden purposes such as watering grass and plants.

In addition to being referred to as downspouts, these metal tubes are also sometimes referred to as "down pipes," "leader pipes," and "drain spouts". Also, aluminum downspouts often come in a variety of shapes including round pipes and rectangular pipes. There are also round versions of aluminum downspouts that are corrugated so that, when viewed from a cross section, they almost seem to have the shape of a flower. There are also aluminum downspouts that are designed so that the collected rainwater or melted snow and ice can be diverted into more than one pipe. These sections of the aluminum downspouts are often shaped like the letter "y."


Many people choose to install aluminum downspouts and gutters that match or complement the other colors that they have chosen to decorate the exteriors of their homes. For example, a house that was painted a pale, buttery yellow but had a light blue porch and light blue shutters might look good with ivory aluminum downspouts and gutters. The softness of the ivory might look very nice with the softness of the other two colors used on the outside of the house. One of the reasons that many people choose aluminum downspouts is that they are often available in many colors, tones, and shades.

Aluminum downspouts are not the only kind of downspouts that are available. There are a number of materials that are used to make downspouts. Another common material is copper. Copper is often the most expensive material used in downspouts, but many builders and knowledgeable homeowners believe that it is worth the price because the material is very sturdy and does not rust. Other materials that are used to make downspouts include plastic and galvanized steel.


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