What are Alternatives to Waxing my Eyebrows?

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Waxing is only one of a few different types of hair removal techniques used on unwanted facial and body hair. Though waxing is a popular method of shaping eyebrows, there are alternatives to waxing your eyebrows that do not include wax. No one method is necessarily better than another, but skin sensitivity along with personal comfort and preference may dictate which method you prefer.

Eyebrow waxing is generally done by applying a hot, or very warm, wax to specific areas above and below the eyebrow. The areas where it is applied is determined by the desired shape of the eyebrow. Once the wax is applied, linen strips are placed over the wax. When the wax has cooled, the strips are quickly pulled, taking the wax and unwanted hair with them. Waxing generally works very well and many people prefer it to other alternatives. However if you find this method uncomfortable then you might consider one of the alternatives to waxing eyebrows.


Depilatory creams are one option for removing facial hair and shaping eyebrows. Depilatory creams contain chemicals that, in a sense, dissolve the hair just below the skin’s surface, making it easy to wipe away the hair with the cream. Depilatory creams will remove hair for between one and two weeks, but because of their chemical makeup, are unsuitable for people with sensitive skin. It is best to test an area on your forearm before applying depilatory cream to your face. Also use caution when applying it around your eyes and rinse your eyes immediately with cool water if it gets in the eye. As an alternative to waxing your eyebrows, some people prefer depilatory cream, while others disdain both the strong chemical smell and the irritation in can cause.

So beyond chemicals, consider natural alternatives to waxing your eyebrows such as good old-fashioned tweezing. Tweezing is painful for some people, but others prefer it as the most natural alternative. When tweezing, be sure to soak the eyebrow area with warm water before you begin to soften the hair follicles. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth for less discomfort. Determining which hairs to pull and which to leave can be confusing, but there is an easy rule of thumb to follow.

Place a pencil or hair stick beneath your nose and tilt it upward toward the outer corner of your eye. When it’s lined up with the outer corner of your eye, take note of any hair that has grown beyond the pencil’s tip towards the jaw line. This is the hair that needs to be removed. Remove any hair between the eyebrows that extends beyond the area just above the inner corner of the eye. Remember to leave the shape of the eyebrow in a natural curve, not an unnatural arch.

If none of these alternatives to waxing your eyebrows appeal to you, then you might consider electrolysis, which is permanent, rather than temporary, removal of hair. Many full-service salons offer electrolysis as an alternative to waxing. Check with upscale, full-service salons in your area for pricing and information.


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Post 4

when you get your eyebrows threaded, you sit in a salon like you would waxing, and it's usually an indian lady. what she does is use some sort of string and basically pulls at your eyebrows. the first few times are kind of painful. i used to get it done because my eyebrows are impossible. but the thing is, the hair removal doesn't even last as long as waxing does.

Post 3

With threading, what exactly happens?

Post 2

Yeah, I agree that threading is good alternative to waxing the eyebrows. It's fairly cheap (I get them done for $4) and the results are amazing.

Post 1

Another alternative is eyebrow threading. It's quick, fairly painless, and comparatively cheap.

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